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The Everybody’s Golf series is a staple on the PlayStation, dating all the way back to the original PlayStation in 1997! It was known as Hot Shots Golf at first here in the West, but titles such as Everybody’s Golf VR here and the last few have adopted the same name as what it is called in Japan. I am actually surprised that it took this long for this series to make the jump to the PSVR!

This is not meant to be a simulation-style golf game and I am cool with that. Everybody’s Golf VR is a game that is all about being fun and that is what the series is known for. I have had a lot of fun with this and if you want a more laid back and fun kind of golf game, Everybody’s Golf VR is going to be something ideal for you. It does not take itself seriously and neither should you! Do not go into this expecting it to replace your Sunday afternoon golfing session.

There is a nice number of courses in the game. You have four (unless there are more to unlock) and you can play 3 holes, 9 holes in and out and of course a full 18 holes. You can even play a “mirror” of the courses so this adds to the content. There is a handy practice mode where you can practice your swinging and also your putting. One of the staples of this series is unlockable things for your golfer and there are plenty of things like t-shirts, new clubs and accessories to spruce your golfer up with.

In terms of the gameplay, Everybody’s Golf VR played rather well. They say that it can be played with a Move controller or the DualShock 4 controller. I tried it with both and let me tell you, you cannot play this with a DualShock 4… technically you can, but it is one of the most awkward experiences around. I get that they were trying to make it so you did not require a Move controller to play it, but I hated it. You hold the DualShock 4 sideways and use it as a golf club! The camera really struggles to pick it up so your shots never pan out the way you want.

Thankfully, playing Everybody’s Golf VR with the Move controller works pretty darn well. You just need the one controller and you hold it like you would an actual golf club. It kind of plays like the golf game that is part of Wii Sports. It can pick up your wrists moving and while not perfect, I found the tracking to be pretty good. As this is more of an arcade-style golf game, you do forgive it when the tracking is not 100 percent.

Visually, I found the game to be very easy on the eyes. Everything is nice and colorful which the series is known for. The sense that you are “actually there” is quite well done and turning around to get a full look at your surroundings is really cool. The courses do feel pretty massive when you are standing there getting ready to tee off.

I do feel that they could have had a multiplayer mode in here! You can take turns, switching the VR headset from player to player, but that is not the most convenient thing to do now is it? Just a tad more “modes” as well I think would have really helped too. I am happy with the number of courses and holes in general for you to do, but a couple more modes I think would have been really great.

In all, I think that Everybody’s Golf VR is an excellent entry to the series. It is certainly one of, if not the most fun sports game I have played on the PlayStation VR. I do feel that this is worth checking out. Especially if you want a more fun and arcade kind of sports experiences for your PSVR.


The game is a lot of fun

It is very easy to pick up and learn to play

It feels great when you really nail a shot

There are plenty of courses to enjoy

The game looks and sounds great even on a base PS4


Playing with the DualShock 4 is really lame

A couple more modes would have been nice

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