PlayStation VR Game Reviews – A Fisherman’s Tale

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Even though A Fisherman’s Tale for PlayStation VR has fishing in the title, you do not actually do any fishing in this game. Instead, it is a first-person puzzle game that has a rather mind bending perspective and a charming story that really does suck you in. Having already spent some time with the Oculus Rift version of the game, I was very excited to try my hands with the PSVR version.

In the game, you play as this puppet of a fisherman who lives in a lighthouse. You want to make your way to the top of the lighthouse to turn it on. There is this really awesome narrator who talks through the game and tells you the story and so on and it is done very well. The story has a real charm and kind of storybook style to it and I loved that. The fact that the narrator sounds French also adds a little bit of whimsy to the game which I really liked. The story while not sounding all that interesting in a review, I can tell you does suck you in and throw some surprises your way.

I would say that A Fisherman’s Tale for the PlayStation VR is one of the most fun puzzle games I have played. You play the game from a first person point of view and most of the puzzles are rather simple at first. The big “gimmick” of the game is that there is a smaller version and a much larger version of yourself and what you do in the “normal” setting can alter what happens in the other two. I understand that this sounds like it would be confusing and kind of a mess to deal with, but it works very well. I actually like how when you are clearly stuck on something, the narrator will give you a little nudge in the right direction.

Now, you do need PlayStation Move Controllers to play this game. That is because each one is like an extension of your hand. The game is designed so that you do not need a ton of space and that is always a good thing when you are using Move Controllers. I like the way that they make up for this by allowing you to press a button which will then make your hands reach further out, this saves you having to move closer to the camera and I found that it worked pretty darn well. There are some strange collision detection problems here and there, but you do get used to them and figure out where you can and cannot go.

There is no free moving around in the game. Instead, you teleport to the location you want to go to. I found that this worked pretty well for this game and it will also help those of you who do have trouble with motion sickness. My main gripe with the game is the fact that you can get through it in just a couple of hours. It is so much fun, that I really wish there was at least one more chapter for me to enjoy. Still, I do feel that this is the kind of game you would probably play through a couple of times.

I really did enjoy my time with A Fisherman’s Tale on the PlayStation VR. I would say it is just as good as the Oculus Go version and the Move Controllers actually work very well with it. While the game is a little short, it is a charming and fun experience and one that I am sure will be on many best PSVR games of 2019 lists.


I really enjoyed the setting

The game has a kind of storybook feel to it

The narrator is awesome

The Move Controllers actually work very well.

It is a very memorable experience


The game is on the short side

The collision detection can be annoying some times

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