Oculus Rift Game Reviews – Trover Saves the Universe

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From the mind of the creator of the awesome, Rick & Morty. Trover Saves the Universe is a hilarious action-adventure game that is going to having you laughing the whole time you play through it. If you want a more “traditional” kind of action and adventure game for your Oculus Rift, you really cannot go wrong with this one right here.

Let’s start with the premise of the game, Trover Saves the Universe is pretty darn weird, but to be fair that is to be expected. You do not actually “control” Trover, instead thanks to these weird things in his eyes, he actually gives over his control to you. You play as a  person who is forced to sit down with a controller in their hands. Yes, the game is incredibly self-aware and there are some awesome breaking the fourth wall moments that legit made me laugh.

Trover is a fantastic character. He really is not all up for having to be the hero and save the day and hearing him complain about having to do so and complain in general is a lot of fun. There are some great characters in this game and just listening to them talk is a huge highlight. Many of the voices sound very similar to what you would hear in an episode of Rick & Morty so it does feel like this game is part of that world, even though it is not.

Gameplay-wise, you will be hacking and slashing your way across many different levels. The game is best described as a 3rd person action and adventure game and I felt that it played like the old school Ratchet and Clank games in many ways. There are many different planets for you to explore and each one has its own style and “thing” that makes it special, you really do want to explore every nook and cranny as there are so many little things that make each area unique.

There are plenty of upgrades and moves for you to learn as you play so there is a nice amount of progression in the game. Some people have said that if it was not for the humor and the excellent voice acting that the game would be rather “average”. I am not sure I agree with that as the game controls well and it always has you moving forward and doing something. Sure, the writing and the execution do make it better than it probably is, but I think as a game this is pretty darn good too.

Overall, I would say that if you are a fan of Rick & Morty you are going to love the gross-out humor that is on display here. It is very well done and the game will have you laughing the whole time that you are playing it. I also feel that from a gameplay point of view, Trover Saves the Universe is a fun time and it does not force the whole VR thing on you like many other games try and do. I really do feel that this is a game that is worth checking out for your Oculus Rift.


The writing is truly excellent

The graphics are very bright and over the top

The game constantly breaks the fourth wall

Plenty of action and things to fight

The upgrade system does add a bit of depth


Not great if you do not like cursing!

Did this really need to be a VR game?

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