Oculus Rift Game Reviews – The Mage’s Tale

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The Mage’s Tale is one of the shining examples of how to do an RPG right on the Oculus Rift. It was actually released a few years ago (before Skyrim made the leap to VR) and it was a true standout title for the Oculus Rift. Even now, after a couple of years this holds up as a fantastic game and a game, I feel every Oculus Rift owner needs to take an interest in.

You play the role of a young wizard who is an apprentice just learning his craft. You are learning things and then your master is kidnapped and you are determined to go and rescue him. You have this ugly little guy who tags along and helps let you know how to play the game. It is quite well done and I did start warming up to the little fellow. No one will say that The Mage’s Tale is groundbreaking in terms of its story, but there is more than enough to keep your attention here.

The game has a kind of hub world and it is from here you can go to a new level or create your potions. Potions play a big part in the game and as you progress you will unlock more and more abilities. You start off with this fireball spell which I actually really liked, but eventually, you will have more at your disposal such as the epic lightning spell. You can have four equipped at a time and they have made selecting them very easy. I do wish that you could dual wield, but your hand that does not cast is used for a shield so it does still work.

Combat in The Mage’s Tale is something that I really enjoyed. You can choose your loadout of spells and the controls work great. I like being able to snap to the left and right and this makes battles very exciting. The game lets you move via teleportation and it works pretty well, but getting used to snapping left and right is really key, especially when dealing with multiple enemies at once as they are not shy about ganging up on you. You are probably looking at about 10 hours or so to beat the main story. There are plenty of puzzles, fights, and secrets as well so it is a really fun and lengthy VR adventure.

As you can see from the still screenshots, The Mage’s Tale is a great looking game. You will need a decent machine to play this. Not so much for the graphics, but due to the load times! I have a decent PC and even on that, the load times can be absolutely brutal. I am not sure why this, but it can get annoying as there is a ton of loading in the game which if the load times were not as lengthy as they were would not be all that bad.

I think that The Mage’s Tale is a truly wonderful RPG style game. It is not just a blast to play, but the level of immersion here is fantastic. You really do feel like you are a wizard on a quest to save your master and put evil in its place. It does have some technical issues (load times) however, you can look past those like the rest of the game is so much fun.


You actually feel like a wizard

Your goblin/orc buddy is fun

Different spells to cast

The controls really do feel great

Lots of content here to keep you entertained


The load times are horrible

Dual-wielding spells would have been awesome

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