Oculus Rift Game Reviews – Star Trek: Bridge Crew

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As a huge fan of the series, Star Trek: Bridge Crew was a game that I was very excited to check out for the Oculus Rift. I actually played this first on the PSVR so I was very interested to see if the warp drive was engaged for the Rift version of the game just a tad more. So, let’s get ready to take the bridge and make sure our mission goes off without a hitch!

While I am a big Star Trek fan, I was a little worried that Star Trek: Bridge Crew was going to be a bit too “sim” for my liking. From what I understand that is the case with many other folks too. Surprisingly, this is not as hard a game to get the hang of and figure out as you would think and while I would still say it is a “sim” kind of game. I do feel that it is the kind of game anyone can jump in and play.

The setting of the game is the current “Chris Pine as Kirk” Star Trek universe. I do not mind this at all as I love those movies. The game takes place on the bridge of the SS Aegis and you are part of a crew that is helping the Vulcans find a new home. There are four positions for you to play as on the bridge. You can be the captain an engineer, a tactical officer, and a helm officer. While you are all working towards the same goal, each position has its own things for you to do.

I liked how different each position was. From having to fix the warp drive if you are the engineer to making sure that the shields are up or down at the right time if you are the helm officer. Each role has plenty of things to do and working together and communicating with the rest of your bridge crew is key to getting through anything that is thrown your way. From fixing the ship to fighting off the Klingons, you always have something that needs your attention in the game.

Using touch controls is quite easy. I found that my movements were picked up a bit better here and a tad more precise than they were on the PSVR version of Star Trek: Bridge Crew. While you can play the game on your own, the most fun is when you have a full crew of people. Which as I write this review is actually easier said than done as the player base does seem to have dwindled quite a bit since the game originally launched.

One thing that I really think is missing in the game is some kind of free roam mode. You are confined to your position on the Bridge and while it is cool to look around and see all of the little details. I really wish that I was able to look around other parts of the ship or even have the ability to look around the whole of the bridge more than I do.

I liked the PSVR version and I think that on the Oculus Rift, Star Trek: Bridge Crew is also a great experience. I had a really fun time when I was able to play this with other people and I did like how the touch controllers worked with this game as they did make it a more immersive experience. It is also worth noting that while the default game is set in this current movie universe. You can also get some paid DLC that is all about Star Trek: The Next Generation.


Awesome if you are a fan of Star Trek

Four different roles to assume on the bridge

When you are playing with other folks it is a blast

It has a pretty engaging story

They have made the game accessible to all skill levels


It is not the deepest game

The player base is not huge these days

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