Oculus Rift Game Reviews – Job Simulator

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I would have to say that when it comes to VR games, Job Simulator is one of the most iconic that has so far been created. I have so far played this game on every VR device that it has been released on and no matter how many times I play it, I always have a great time. The Oculus Rift may not need its extra horsepower for a game like this, but that does not matter as it is still a great time.

The basic idea of Job Simulator on Oculus Rift is something that I had a lot of fun with. In the future, we have a race of advanced robots who are curious about what humans were really like. One of the most “important” aspects of being human is, of course, having a job. So these robots decided to make a simulator to try and replicate what it was like for humans going to work. The sense of humor that the game has is very tongue in cheek and I really do like that.

Job Simulator for the Oculus Rift has four different jobs for you to do. You can work in a convenient store, you can be an office clerk, you can work in a garage and you can also be a chef. Each of the jobs uses the same kind of mechanics so once you get the hang of the controls, you will be able to go and do a hard day’s work at all of them. What I like is that while the controls may be rather universal, each job certainly has its own feel.

For example, working in a convent store will see you have to take orders, bag groceries, make people fast food and even deal with the occasional robbery. The garage, on the other hand, has you need to use more problem-solving skills as you try and figure out what is wrong with the car that has been brought to you. While there are many tasks for you to complete in Job Simulator a huge part of the fun is just screwing around and doing what you want. If your boss is a jerk in the office, throw something at him! A customer is grouchy in the store, chuck a drink at them! Job Simulator is just so much fun to play that it never gets old.

As I write this a new mode has been added that is kind of like an “endless” mode where the idea is that you work the nightshift and you basically just keep on working, putting in all that overtime! This is something I really liked and it is the perfect mode if you want to fire the game up and just screw around for 10 minutes or so. While four jobs may not sound like a lot, Job Simulator is the kind of game that you will find yourself coming back to time and time again as it is one of the most fun experiences you can have on the Oculus Rift. I played the whole game with the touch controllers and never once had a single control issue.

No matter what version of Job Simulator I have played I have always had a great time. While I am looking at the Oculus Rift version of Job Simulator today. The fact of the matter is that it really does not matter what kind of VR device you have. If you can get Job Simulator for it, you simply must add it to your collection!


The tongue in cheek humor is fantastic

I like how different all of the jobs are

The art style really does have a lot of personality

It is a game that is very easy to learn

The endless style mode is a lot of fun


It is the same as all the other versions

You can drop an item pretty easily which can be frustrating some times

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