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When it comes to immersive games on the Oculus Rift, FORM is a game that you will either get super into or you will hate. I really think that this is the kind of game that from its setting point of view (actually gameplay I feel everyone can enjoy) that if you dig sci-fi, you will really dig and get invested in… The ending on the other hand, well just keep on reading to see my thoughts on that.

The idea of FORM on the Oculus Rift is that you play as Dr. Devin Eli. You are one of the worlds greatest physicists and you are working in a very remote research station that is located deep in the Alaskan wilderness. The reason you are located in this remote part of the world is that you are studying an alien artifact that is referred to as The Obelisk. As a sci-fi nut, this premise alone was something that got me super invested into what was going on and as a premise, I really do think that it is great.

The Obelisk is a very weird object, it enters you or you enter it in a kind of dream/spiritual way and it tasks you will be solving a ton of different puzzles. While the setup for the story is very strong, FORM for the Oculus Rift is one of those games that does try and leave a lot of the story to your imagination. Sometimes this is something I like, but here I found it rather frustrating because the setup was so strong. I really wanted some kind of conclusion at the end, but that was not the case at all.

The gameplay is something I feel that anyone can enjoy. Each puzzle has its own set of rules and the way the game looks will change from time to time. One time you might have to move levers in a certain way, another it could be placing things in the right place. The puzzles when you are first given one can sometimes look like you need to be a real physicist to actually do them. What makes this a good game though, is that with just a little brainpower and patience, for the most part, the answer will come to you in a kind of eureka moment! Which is good as the game does not give you any hints as you play at all.

I found the controls to be great, you do not need to worry about getting sick from moving around a great deal. Most of what you have to do is laid out in front of you and you move your hands to interact with the objects that are required in order to complete the puzzle. None of the puzzles will really make you pull your hair out, but a few can be rather tricky until you figure out what exactly it wants you to do. The graphics are fantastic and this is coming from someone with a rather modest PC. Although, on occasion, mine did have a bit of slowdown.

I really enjoyed my time with FORM on the Oculus Rift. I think that it is a very cleverly made game and one that I would love to get a sequel for. While the setup is great, I do wish they fleshed the story out more and actually have you a definitive answer to what the hell the deal with the Obelisk actually is! Apart from that, this is a game that I really did enjoy.


It has some fantastic graphics

The puzzles are very clever

I found the setting to be very interesting

The controls (no matter what you use) are very responsive

A lot of gameplay for your money


The ending was rather annoying

Lower end PC’s may struggle to play it

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