Oculus Rift Game Reviews – FATED: The Silent Oath

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Back when FATED: The Silent Oath was first released it was actually a huge deal. On the Oculus Rift, FATED: The Silent Oath is a game that is trying to walk that fine line of being a video game, but also giving the player a kind of movie-like experience. I think that it actually comes pretty darn close to pulling this off!

One of the things that is important to note about FATED: The Silent Oath is that this is a game that is more about the story and the experience than it is the gameplay. While some of the trailers and the images may give you a kind of “Skyrim” feel about the game. That is not the case at all and I would say that it has far more in common with games like The Walking Dead, games where the story is the main focus of what you will be experiencing.

FATED: The Silent Oath has a Viking setting and that right there is cool. You play as a father of a family who is willing to do anything and I mean anything to keep them safe. He is a silent protagonist (which is explained in the story) and this is handled very well. It is a very clever way of having the story unfold around it and for me, it is done similar to the way that Half-Life did it. Your family is handled very well and you care about them more and more as you play the game.

It is because of doing things like teaching your nephew to hunt and just listening to your little girl and wife that really make you connect with these characters. Remember how I said, you wanted to keep them safe? Well, it is not just from the land and the elements. You see this world has seen a new threat (actually an old ancient one!) in the form of these giants that have come to take over! So, you certainly have a lot to deal with when it comes to keeping people sale. As far as the story goes, my only complaint is the ending. I really did not like the way it came to an end as it made me see a certain character in a very different light.

The actual gameplay is rather basic, you will be doing a lot of walking around, solving the odd puzzle and taking part in what is best described as an “action” scene here and there. FATED: The Silent Oath is all about the story and if the story does not grip you then I do not think that you would stick around for the gameplay in all honesty. The game controls fine using an Xbox One controller and it does not lose any immersion because of that so I have no complaints about the controls at all.

The visual style still looks great for a game that is over three years old as I write this. I have heard some people say the rather “cartoon” nature of the visuals takes them out of the story, but I must admit that did not bother me at all.

I had a great time with FATED: The Silent Oath and found the story and the characters to be very captivating. The actual gameplay may not be deep, but if you are looking for a great story to experience with your Oculus Rift, you really cannot go wrong with this one. If you like stories that games like God of War has or movies like The Road, I think you will appreciate this.


I love the visual style

The setting is great

A very interesting story to experience

The characters really do connect with you

It lasts for over an hour


Not a ton of actual “gameplay”

The ending did not really do it for me

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