Oculus Rift Game Reviews – Eagle Flight

Image Credit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CaFA9cCaLHs

Eagle Flight for the Oculus Rift was not exactly a game I was expecting a whole lot from if I am being honest with you. However, I found myself actually pretty blown away by what a solid, fun and clever game this is. If you want an exciting and more “different” kind of flying game that works perfectly in VR, you will have a hard time beating this.

There is a campaign in Eagle Flight and I would say that you are probably looking at 4-5 hours to beat it. The game is rather interesting in that you play as an eagle in France. This is not the France you know from your vacation or TV. This is France, posthumans and nature has taken it back over. The presentation is awesome and seeing places like the Eifel Tower covered in vegetation is a pretty cool sight.

The campaign moves at a pretty brisk pace. You have various objectives that you need to do ranging from collecting items, fighting off other birds and exploring underground areas. I know that these do not sound like the most fun objectives in the world, but as the actual flying is so much fun and engaging it makes what in a regular game would be a rather mundane task exciting and fun. I would certainly advise jumping into the campaign first of all when you start playing Eagle Flight.

The controls are awesome. I played the game with my Xbox One controller and it felt great. You mainly use your head to dictate where you want to go and then speed and attacks are done with the controller. It is a very nice, easy to learn and fun gameplay system and one that is easy to pick up, but rather challenging to master. The more you play the more you get out of it, but on the other hand, it is easy enough to figure out the basics. I would actually suggest that more flying games should flat out copy what this game has done with its controls.

As well as the campaign you do have some other modes that you can do. One of these is a trials type of mode where you need to fly through rings. This is way more challenging than you would think and the fact it does not show you the rings more than two in advance of you can make it a tad frustrating. Still, if you love the actual flying, you will probably get a great deal out of this mode. There is also multiplayer! This is a capture the flag style game where you and a rival group of birds are fighting over a dead animal to take back to your nest. This is way more fun and competitive than I thought it would be and working as a team is really key to winning.

I know it is so easy to look at Eagle Flight on the Oculus Rift and think that this is a very barebones and basic kind of game. It is anything but that. I have had a fantastic time with this game and while it may not be the kind of game I come back to time and time again. It is certainly one of the more fun experiences I have had on my Oculus Rift recently.


I love the idea of playing as an Eagle

Paris looks amazing

The flight controls are near perfect

Plenty of missions to do

It even has multiplayer and extra modes to do


Flying through rings can be frustrating

Not sure it is the kind of game you would keep coming back to

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