Oculus Rift Game Reviews – Chronos

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So far, I would say that Chronos on the Oculus Rift is as close to an Ocarina of Time VR experience as we have gotten. Even though this was a major launch game for the Oculus Rift, Chronos is still a standout game for the platform. If you want a VR game that feels more like a console game then Chronos is a game you have to take a closer look at.

Some people say that the story Chronos tells is not important, but I actually think it is a very interesting story. While taking place on “Earth” this is a very fantasy heavy Earth. There is a big evil and you are on a quest for Dragon Stones which will teleport you to a new area. It may not sound like mike, but it works and the game has a really cool twist ending that I really suggest you do not spoil for yourself as it is a bit of a mind blower. It is not the longest story, but it is a great experience while it lasts.

While I say it is not the longest experience, Chronos can take years to complete! I actually mean that literally. You see when you die in this game, you age one year. You start off as a fresh-faced 18-year-old, but by the end of the quest, you can be a grizzled 40 something! It is a very interesting idea and it is not just your looks that change. When you are younger stats for things like strength and speed will be better and upgrade faster. As you get older these diminish, but other stats will improve. It is something I felt was a fantastic idea and that the game did very well.

The gameplay of Chronos is something that I really enjoyed. It follows a pretty standard formula of solving puzzles, fighting enemies, fighting a boss and exploring a dungeon, but it does this very well. The combat is something I really enjoyed and it forces you to think about how you fight. You cannot just swing your weapon like a maniac, you will be picked off even by lower level enemies. Combat is more about waiting for your moment and then striking. You can make yourself even more dangerous thanks to the progression system which while basic does work.

Chronos is not a first-person style of game. Instead, as you have probably heard by now, it uses a Resident Evil style fixed camera. Why does this need to be in VR? Well, I am kind of with you there, but the fixed camera gives the different locations in the game this massive scale that is truly amazing. Sometimes I felt I had to move in so I could get a closer look at the action and other times I was lifting my head so I could see the architecture above me.

Nothing in Chronos is too cryptic. I always knew where I was going, what I had to do and even the puzzles eventually were something that would click for me. Still, I found it to be a fun experience and one I would happily play through again. I actually used an Xbox One controller to play this and found that it worked very well. In the intro, I mentioned Ocarina of Time and I feel that had to be an inspiration for the controls of this game.

I had a great time with Chronos and can see why still it is a game that many people use to showcase the Oculus Rift. It plays very well and the story is far more engaging than you would think. It is not the longest adventure and the RPG elements are very light. Still, as an action game, Chronos is one that I find very, very easy to recommend to people.


The story is pretty cool

Plenty of puzzles to solve

It has an Ocarina of Time feel to it

The sound design is truly amazing

Combat requires some skill


RPG elements are very light

It may be a little on the short side

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