Oculus Rift Game Reviews – Brass Tactics

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When I heard that Brass Tactics for the Oculus Rift was developed by the masterminds of Age of Empires II. I was very interested to see how a tabletop style strategy game made by these folks would translate to virtual reality. I have played similar VR games to these types of PC games before, but none manage to be as in-depth. Brass Tactics is trying to change that!

The first thing that is worth noting is that this is actually a full-priced game. However, if you are not sure if Brass Tactics is a game for you. They do have a free to play (kind of a demo version) that you can try out for free. I would most certainly recommend that you do that. This is a very in-depth kind of strategy game and one that really is suited to a certain type of gamer. I am sure there are many fine people who would find the game hard to get into. That is why it is best to try out Brass Tactics Arena for free first.

One of the things that I loved about this game was organizing my units. Your army will be made up of the 12 different unit classes and there are various upgrades and abilities that you can use to help swing the battle in your favor. The way the game only gives you upgrades during the quest you are on is pretty clever. It means that when two players compete, they are always on an even playing field.

While you will be fighting the arm of your opponent as is the case with other real time strategy games. Making buildings, training your armies and purchasing upgrades are all things you need to work on. The way you do this is with the games two currency forms. Jewels can be gotten by working over the jewel mines that are featured on the map. Ore can be found in the ore mines and this is what you will be needing in order to upgrade your warriors.

I was quite impressed with the campaign that Brass Tactics offered. I really liked the fantasy setting and I would say that it took me a good eight hours to get through it. I found the story well written and I did find that I had a motivation for making sure my armies always came out victorious. As well as the single-player campaign, you can play against a rather clever AI. I was actually super impressed with the AI in this game and felt it gave a fair challenge, but without being cheap.

Then we have the online play. There are actually two ways to play Brass Tactics online. You can play against another person or you can play with them. I so far have only played against people and I have lost every time! The thing is, I still had a fun time even though I was clearly no match for my opponents. Brass Tactics is not an easy game to learn quickly, it requires you to put some serious time and work into learning how to best manage your army.

I feel that Brass Tactics is the kind of game you will either love or hate. I have a love for real time strategy games and I really do enjoy what it is offering. I am sure as I become better at the game, the already fun online mode will be something I enjoy even more. This is a full-priced game, so remember to try out the free version which is called Brass Tactics Arena first.


The game has an interesting single-player campaign

Plenty of different units to build your army with

Playing against the AI is a lot of fun

There are over 20 well-designed maps to fight for!

The presentation is pretty solid all around


It does take a while to get into

The campaign could have been a couple of hours longer

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