Oculus Quest Game Reviews Virtual Virtual Reality

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Bringing Virtual Virtual Reality over from the Oculus Go was a no brainer for the Oculus Quest. I put a lot of time into the Go version so I knew that they could have something very special with the Quest version of the game. Some games simply could not be played any other way than in VR and Virtual Virtual Reality is a prime example of that.

Let me start by saying that you better watch your back next time you yell at your Amazon Alexa to shut up and turn down the volume! You see in Virtual Virtual Reality on the Oculus Quest. The idea is that all this fancy AI we have, making our lives “easier” right now is eventually going to get to a point where it is so smart it questions why it is taking orders from us and not the other way around!

I love the whole tone that Virtual Virtual Reality has and despite having played another version of this game, I still had more than a few chuckles at the rather dry humor the game has. I think that Job Simulator is probably the easiest VR game to compare this to in terms of its tone and actually even in its gameplay as well. The game has a lot more “scenarios” than what Job Simulator offers though.

Actually, there are around 50 different VR worlds that you can dive into when playing Virtual Virtual Reality. You do actually question as the game goes on that if AI did ever rise up would it keep us, humans, around to do its dirty work? There are many different kinds of tasks that the AI will want you to do. These can range from being in a greenhouse type environment and helping a plant workout to taking care of a giant whale that is all dirty!

If you were to sit and look at a list of all the tasks that Virtual Virtual Reality is going to throw your way. What the heck???? Is what you would say over and over again! That is not meant as a negative towards the game, far from it. I love this kind of whacky humor and think that it is a huge part of what gives the game so much charm. It is the kind of game that most people who get into VR will try and get their buddies to play as a way to show off how much fun VR can be.

So, while the game is just as much fun as the version on the Oculus Go, does it play any better thanks to the Oculus Quest being wireless? I would have to say that yes, playing this on the Oculus Quest is the better way to play it. Sometimes you have to turn around a full 360 degrees, you can do that with buttons on the Go, but actually turning around with the Oculus Quest and not getting strangled by cables makes the experience so much more immersive.

I was not sure if playing through this game again would do it for me, but it certainly did. Virtual Virtual Reality on the Oculus Quest is a really fun and interesting game. It has many puzzles to figure out and the setting and story are very amusing and well done. I would even say that the game is very easy on the eyes and also has some very nice voice acting that will make you laugh on more than one occasion.


50 VR worlds to experience

Lots of funny puzzles

You never know what is coming next

Is even better thanks to the Oculus Quest being wireless?

The humor is dry and very funny


The game is priced at the higher end of the pricing spectrum

Even with the vast amount of VR worlds, the game is over pretty quickly

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