Oculus Quest Game Reviews – Red Matter

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When Red Matter was first released on PC it was a bit of a hit. It had very impressive lighting effects and in general, looked pretty darn solid. So, I was very interested to see how it would make the jump to the more modestly powered Oculus Quest. Well, I am very happy to say that despite a few minor flaws, this is a fantastic port and a real stand out and fun game for the Oculus Quest.

The story of the game is something that I found very cool. It is part sci-fi and part cold war era movie. Well I say cold war, it is actually set in outer space, but you get what I mean. The character that you play in the game is called, Agent Epsilon and he is a bit of a badass. You have been sent into what is supposedly an out of commission base to see what exactly is going on here. You get pulled into a world of espionage and mystery and it is really well done. It is way more story-driven than I thought it would be and it is the kind of thing you could imagine being released as a movie in the 80s.

The visuals of the game are fantastic on the Oculus Quest. I know that some may say it does not look that great. However, everything is nice and sharp and in general, each location you go to has many little details that help make it feel like a real place which is something that I really do like. The best aspect of the game’s visuals are the lighting effects. You have a scanner in the game which has a laser pointer and the clever way the lighting changes when you hit an object with it is really cool.

In terms of the gameplay, I would say that Red Matter is best described as a first-person adventure game. You will be exploring the abandoned base, solving many puzzles as you do. None of the puzzles are overly cryptic and I really do not see anyone having to go looking for a guide. The story unfolds as you progress through the game and you will find yourself engrossed in what is happening and wanting to keep on playing until you get to the end. Which is probably my biggest negative about the game. Not that the ending is bad or anything, but it comes at a little over an hour of playing the game so it is very short.

The controls are awesome! Seriously this is one of the best games of this style I have played on the Oculus Quest so far. The movement is very well done and quite clever too. Instead of teleporting as many first-person games do. You sort of boost to where you want to go thanks to your jetpack. It is kind of hard to explain, but it is something that works very well. Speaking of working very well. The Oculus Quest controllers were made for games like this. Both of them serve as extensions of your hand and they work very well. Plus, as this is on the Quest, you can turn all the way around without getting caught in a mess of cables.

While there may not be a ton to Red Matter what is here is fantastic. Sure, the game is short, but that does not mean it is bad. The story is great, it is one of the best-looking games on the platform and it is a ton of fun to play. Even though it is short, I actually feel that the game is so well made that it is actually worth the full asking price they want for it.


One of the best-looking games for the Oculus Quest

The movement is fantastic and feels like you are using a jetpack

The puzzles are plentiful

The base is cool to explore

The story and the writing are fantastic


It is a rather short game

I wish there was some heavy combat in the game

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