Oculus Quest Game Reviews – Journey of the Gods

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Journey of the Gods is one of the biggest games of the Oculus Quest launch window. This is actually the second game that the good folks at Turtle Rock Studios produced for the new VR headset and it is by far the better of the two games. Nintendo tried to bring VR to Breath of the Wild, but it did not work that well. In all honesty, an approach similar to what Turtle Rock Studios has done with Journey of the Gods is what they should have done.

This is a single player RPG style game (well more like an RPG lite kind of game) with plenty of puzzles to solve and monsters to fight! The game is set in a world that could very well be on the brink of destruction. However, it is up to you to go and find and learn the different powers of the gods to save the day. For me, the story (while not bad) is not the greatest, but it does give you more than enough reason to go from point a to point b.

As one of the “exclusive” games for the Oculus Quest, Journey of the Gods does make good use of the wireless nature of the device. You can actually play this while sitting down, but I found standing up and actually feeling like I was in the game was the better way to play it. The Oculus Quest works very well and no matter if it is swinging your sword or reloading the crossbow it feels and works like a charm.

The game may look like it is open world, but it is more linear than you may think. Each area is a nice enough size and you can explore a bit, but you are always being moved in the right direction. You will have to fight off various creatures and also solve puzzles. As this is an RPG style game you also have upgrades. You need to collect items to do these upgrades as you would expect. However, you have to wait until you are in between levels to do your upgrades! I do wish they allowed you to do this whenever you had the resources instead of making you wait.

Getting access to the god powers is really cool. Using lighting was actually the one that I found the most useful. Also, you need to collect these purple crystals and these will build up and let you do things like slowing down the passage of time and being able to move trees and so on. These “powers” are truly awesome and I was always excited to see what the game was going to allow me to do next.

The presentation of Journey of the Gods is fantastic. It has that same, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild look to it and it really does make the whole world pop. The different enemy designs that they have gone for are very creative and in all, the presentation does a great job in getting you sucked into this world.

I think that Journey of the Gods is a really solid game. It is one of the more expensive Oculus Quest launch titles, but I also feel it is one of the best. It offers a lot of gameplay and it is a game that I had a great time with. If you want a game for your Oculus Quest that is the blend of RPG and action, you will struggle to find one better than this right now.


Controls work perfectly

Using different abilities is a lot of fun

Some of the puzzles are very clever

Lots of fighting action!

Plenty of upgrades to try and obtain


Having to wait until the end of a section to upgrade

The story could have been a tad better

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