Oculus Quest Game Reviews – Job Simulator

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As soon as I heard about the Oculus Quest, I knew that Job Simulator would be one of the very first games that would be released for it. In all honesty with you guys, Job Simulator is a game that every VR gamer needs to have, no matter what they are gaming on. The wireless nature of the Oculus Quest actually makes this a pretty darn fun and easy game to get to grips with.

The idea of Job Simulator is a lot of fun. There is a race of robots in the future and they are trying to figure out what made humans tick. Of course, going to work every day is a big part of being human so they created this job simulator to see if they could figure out what it was like for humans to work. There is a very tongue in cheek and dry sense of humor to this game and I love it!

Job Simulator splits the jobs up into four different things for you to do. You can work as a car mechanic, in an office, as a chef and also in a convenient store. Each one of the jobs has different tasks for you to complete and characters for you to interact with. I will say that the one you like best will probably differ to the one I like best. I say that because each job while using the same kind of gameplay has a very different feel to it.

The one that I really gravitated towards was the convenient store clerk. I loved messing around in this store! You can make hotdogs, serve people drinks, get the paper and even make things jumbo sized if that is what the customer wants. Heck, you can even deal with getting robbed! You never know who is going to come through that door and I think that is why I like that mode the best.

The way that you control Job Simulator on the Oculus Quest is great. You need to move around quite a bit, including turning around. The convenient store one, for example, features a lot of reaching and grabbing. The car mechanic requires a bit more precision in your movements. Thankfully the Oculus Quest controllers are more than up to the task. The fact that the Oculus Go is wireless really comes into its own here.

For example, playing this on a PlayStation VR is a rather different experience in some cases as the camera has to be a good distance away. Job Simulator on the Oculus Quest does not have this issue as the device is fully wireless. It may not sound like much, but being able to turn around without any kind of wire getting in the way did make the game much more enjoyable for me. Speaking of enjoyable, each of the different jobs has so many things for you to screw around with. Working as a chef, you can get really crazy and try and serve up all kinds of gross food. It is very amusing and it does keep the game fun, even though there are only four different jobs for you to do.

I thought that Job Simulator was a great game the first time I played it on PlayStation VR and I think that it is even better on the Oculus Quest. This is just a really great game and one that is just as much fun to watch other people play and try and figure out. If you want a silly, immersive and memorable game for your Oculus Quest, you need to get Job Simulator!


Great humor to the whole game

Each job is fun in its own way

The visuals have a lot of charm to them

Makes great use of the Oculus Quest

Very easy to learn


May get a little thin after a while

You can drop things by accident which is annoying

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