Oculus Quest Game Reviews – Bonfire

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I recently read that Baobab Studios were like the Pixar of virtual reality gaming and I think that is the perfect way to describe them. Their last game, “Crow the Legend” was awesome and their pedigree of hit animated movies does not hurt their reputation either. Today I am looking at Bonfire their latest game and this time it is on the fully wireless Oculus Quest.

The idea of the story is that you are a scout looking for a new planet that mankind can live on. Unfortunately, you suck at your job and you wind up crash landing! You are accompanied by your robot AI who is called, Debbie and who is voiced hilariously by Ali Wong. It is dark and all you have to keep you “safe” is your bonfire.

You can communicate with Debbie and she will let you know what the deal is. However, it is when you meet an inhabitant of this planet called Pork Bun that things really take a fun and interesting turn. Pork Bun is a charming and curious little fellow and the “game” is all about you interreacting with him and deciding if you are going to continue with your mission or if you are going to do what you feel is the right thing to do.

Bonfire I would describe as a family comedy in its tone. It is very, very amusing, but this is a game that also has a lot of heart and it does make you think. Interacting with Pork Bun (and the campfire) feels great with the Oculus Quest and the tracking I felt was absolutely spot on. I am not 100 percent sure the “wireless” nature of the Quest is a huge asset in this game, to be honest with you, but the device from the headset to the controllers handles everything very well.

The presentation of the game is amazing. I would probably say that visually this is one of the most stunning games I have seen on the Oculus Quest. It really does look like a big budget summer blockbuster from Pixar or DreamWorks. The lighting is amazing and the shadows I will admit kept making me think there was something there! The sound is also amazing, especially the voice acting. It really is like you are playing through an interactive movie.

Which really brings me to the only negative that I have when it comes to Bonfire and that is the game’s length. You can get through this in around 30 minutes or so and for a game that costs the better part of 10 bucks that is really short. Yes, this is a wonderful experience and it clearly has had a lot of money spent on it. However, I do feel that a game of this length should be five bucks at the most.

Still even with the rather short length of the game. Bonfire is a game that is very easy to recommend. This is a very high-quality game with some slick production values and a very clever script that is expertly brought to life. If you can stomach that price tag, I have a feeling this will be a VR experience that you talk about for many years to come.


The game looks amazing

Ali Wong is amazing as your Ai companion

The “puzzles” are fun to play around with

It is like playing through a Pixar movie

The controls are very easy to figure out


Asking price is a tad high

It is a very short experience

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