Oculus Go Game Reviews – Witchblood

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As much as I love first person games, especially when I am using my Oculus Go or another VR headset, games like Witchblood show that you can still have a more traditional “console” kind of experience. If you want a more console kind of action/platformer game, you cannot go wrong with Witchblood.

The Story

As much as I like the story that Witchblood is telling I must admit that I feel it could be stronger. The premise is great, I will say that. Basically, the main character is called Clara Pathemore and she has all kinds of awesome special powers that make her “different” well as she lives in a rather small-minded town, the townsfolk are having none of this and they decide she needs to be chased down and killed.

The people chasing her are called “hunters” and she needs to go and use these new powers to not just save herself, but her town as well. The story is kind of all over the place, but I do like Clara as a character and I actually wish the game went a little deeper. Still the story that is here is more than enough to give you a reason to be doing what you are doing.

The Gameplay

This is where Witchblood really shines for me. It is best described as a MetroidVania style of game and it is probably the best one on the Oculus Go right now. There are tons of areas for you to explore and just like nay good MetroidVania style game, Clara has plenty of special abilities that she can use. These, of course, come in really handy when you are putting those Hunters back in their place! However, you also need to use these abilities to get through certain sections of the game.

Witchblood is just a really fun game to play. You may question why it needs to be in VR, but I think it works great. You can use the Go controller, but man it is not ideal, so you will certainly want to use an actual controller to get the best out of this game. There is quite a bit of platforming in the game, this along with the constant changing of abilities is a pain in the butt without a proper controller.

The Presentation

I do not think that Witchblood is going to win any awards for its visuals, but I really like the art style that they have gone for here. It has a kind of “teenager” Symphony of the Night art style to it and that is something I really do like. The visuals are sharp enough and the environments, while not a ton of them do look pretty darn great. I like the animations and the way that Clara moves looks pretty real.

The whole game has a real “moodiness” to it and that is something I think really does fit the gameplay very well and of course the setting. Again, it is not going to be a game that blows you away visually, but I think it does what it does well enough.

Final Thoughts

I had a great time playing through Witchblood on the Oculus Go. I actually wish that there were more experiences like this for the Oculus Go. Some may turn their nose up at this and say what is the point and that this could just be a console game they play on a TV. I think it is a nice change of pace from all of the first-person games that the Oculus Go has. If you like MetroidVania style games, you have to check this one out.


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