Oculus Go Game Reviews – Wheel Rush

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Ok, so I will admit that the first time I saw the trailer for Wheel Rush, I thought “what is the point in this?” I thought that because the game looked very simple and I wondered if this is what I had an Oculus Go for. Well turns out that Wheel Rush is one of the most addictive and fun (as well as cheap) VR games you can get for your Oculus Go.

The best way to describe Wheel Rush is as an endless runner style game. Think of games like Temple Run, Subway Surfers, Sonic Dash, and Lara Croft Relic Run and you have an idea of what to expect here. This is a game that is played from the back, so it is not a 2D endless runner style game like Jetpack Joyride or Super Mario Run.

You play as a futuristic bike type thing. I really do think that Tron was clearly a heavy inspiration for Wheel Rush. That is not a bad thing though as Tron is awesome. Actually, I am getting a very Tron crossed with Mega Race (how about that for an old reference) vibe from Wheel Rush and I really do like that.

Your bike is going at super-fast speed and you control it by moving your head. You can be in the middle, left or right land and giving your head a tilt is what steers your bike there. If you have played an endless runner game on your phone you will feel right at home here. The gameplay is shallow, but it is also very addictive and also quite challenging. Always making you want to have just one more go to see if you can get further than you did the last time you played.

To keep you on your toes there are plenty of obstacles that you can crash into. You always have to be looking a few steps further up the track so you are ready for what is coming your way. At the same time, you also need to keep an eye on the now! It is a very delicate balancing act and one that has caused me to crash more times than I would like to admit to you guys.

You can pick up a shield power-up which comes in really handy and there are also boosts that will make you go faster and thus get you further down the track. One thing that I really like is how by tilting your head back you are able to get some air” There are ramps on the track and these are a lot of fun, so make sure you always go for them when you are riding past.

That is all there really is to Wheel Rush. You do not have an endless number of tracks to race on. Instead, it is just about getting as far as you can on the tracks that are there. There is no multiplayer and there is strangely no first-person mode either. Still, with all that lacking, I found myself wanting to keep on playing Wheel Rush! If you do like endless runner style games then Wheel Rush is certainly worth downloading.


The game looks great

A fantastic sense of speed

The controls work very well

It is far more addictive than you would think

Kind of looks like Tron


No multiplayer!!!!

It can cause a bit of motion sickness

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