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If you have ever watched Harry Potter and thought that having a wand would be awesome. Wands VR is a game you need for our Oculus Go. It brings the wonder of magic to the Oculus Go and it is a pretty well-made battle game that lets you see if you would have ever been able to cut it as a student at Hogwarts!

Before you can have your first battle, you are in a really cool looking workshop. The purpose of being here is to design your wand. Your wand will have a teleportation spell by default, but it is up to you to decide what kind of attacks it has. You do this by using relics, relics are what unlock new spells for you to use. At the start, though you have some basic spells like a fireball and an electric spell that you can use, but the more you play and the more you unlock the better, cooler and more powerful spells you will get.

I would advise before heading into battle taking on the dummy in the training mode. The controls are kind of funky and they do take a while to get used to so I would certainly say that you should do this before playing the actual game. Once you are used to the control you have a few different options for how you want to play Wands on your Oculus Go. Competitive Duel, Fight A Friend and Practice are the three modes you can play.

If you play a Competitive Duel then you will go head to head with another player. This is Wands at its very best and this not only lets you see how good of a wizard you are and how good the wand you have made is. It also gives you the chance to get new relics so that you can dish out more spells. Fight A Friend is exactly what it sounds like. You and a friend can go head to head and have a fun time seeing who is the better wizard.

Practice Mode is super frustrating! Instead of practicing against a dummy like you can in the workshop. Here you fight a dummy that can actually fight back and it is super cheap. I would say that this is harder than playing an actual human opponent because the AI hardly ever makes any kind of mistake and it is like they can instantly react to anything that you can do.

As I write this an updated Survival Mode has been added and this is actually quite fun. As you would expect you just see how long you can last, but each new bout adds to the tension and makes you feel like this could be the last time you get to cast your wand! I will say that Wands is a game that is at its very best when you are playing against another human opponent. I really do feel that some kind of single player campaign would have gone a long way to make this a must buy.

I think that Wands on the Oculus Go does what it does very well. It really does a good job in making you feel like a wizard and it would be cool to see what these guys could do with the Harry Potter license. While it is fun messing around with your wand and testing it out in the workshop, I do feel that this is a game that you have to be willing to play with other people to get the best out of it. You do this and you are in for a truly “magical” time.


Graphics look great

They update it quite frequently

You can customize your wand which is cool

Playing against a friend is a lot of fun

Controls work well once you get the hang of them


Could have done with more single player content

The AI is super aggressive!

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