Oculus Go Game Reviews – Virtual Virtual Reality

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There are a handful of games out there that simply could not be played on a regular console and Virtual Virtual Reality is one of them. This story driven puzzle/point and click style adventure game is one of the most unique and fun experiences you can get on your Oculus Go.

Let me start by talking about the story. You know how we live in a day and age were we have AI’s that help us? You know things like Alexa, Google Play and Siri? Well, what if in the future our technology becomes so good that the AI is the top of the food chain and us humans are assisting AI and not the other way around? That is the premise of Virtual Virtual Reality and it is wonderful.

I love the sense of humor that the game has and I do not want to give away any spoilers at all, but the twists and turns the story takes leaves you guessing and always put a smile or weird look on your face. This is not a game that relies on jump scares to get a reaction out of you. It does this with its super weirdness and that I think is why I like it so much. I have heard some people compare the tone to game Portal and I think that is a very good comparison.

The idea of the game is that you will be jumping from VR world to VR world helping out as you do. There will be puzzles, games, and jobs that you have to do and you never know what the game is going to throw your way. One minute you are cleaning stuff off a giant whale the next you are looking for something in a kitchen. The different AI that you come in contact with are a lot of fun and I, in particular, love the ones who are super literal about everything.

Presentation wise I was very impressed with what the developers had done with Virtual Virtual Reality. The different worlds that you will be taken into all have a cool and interesting style to them. Even better than this though is the voice acting. Each of the AI that you come across has their own personality and it really does shine through very well.

Gameplay wise you play just using your standard controller, point to interact with things and you teleport around to move. You can quickly turn around which is nice for those of you who hate having to play VR games on a swivel chair. It is very easy to get to grips with and I had no trouble at all doing what I wanted to do in the game.

I think that Virtual Virtual Reality is a truly wonderful game. It just oozes personality and takes you on an emotional roller coaster. Just when you think that you have all the answers along comes an AI that changes the question. Even at around 8 bucks, Virtual Virtual Reality is a must play for any Oculus Go owner.


Amazing concept

The story is fantastic

Graphics are great

Voice acting brings the AI to life

Lots of variety in what you have to do


It is only a few hours long

Some may think it is a little expensive

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