Oculus Go Game Reviews – Virtual Virtual Reality

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There are some VR games that just capture what VR is all about. That is exactly what the awesome Virtual Virtual Reality. I have played every version of this game that is out there and even on the Oculus Go, Virtual Virtual Reality is a fantastic time and one of the most memorable VR experiences you can get.

The Story

I really love the story that Virtual Virtual Reality is telling. It is not just the actual story itself, but the way it is told. In the future, all of the fancy AI technology we have created (think of things like Alexa and Seri) has gotten so smart that it is the one in charge now! As a human, you need to find a purpose and prove that you still have a use in this AI-controlled world.

You work for a company called, Activitude which is run by the AI overlord, Chaz. Will you work hard and find your place in the AI-controlled world? Or will you be the one to rise up and put humanity back at the top? The story is awesome and has a few great twists and turns that you really do not see coming.

The Gameplay

The gameplay of Virtual Virtual Reality on the Oculus Go is rather hard to talk about as there is so much of it! The game has you working like a million different things. This can range from working in a greenhouse to taking care of a giant blue whale. You never know what Virtual Virtual Reality is going to throw your way and that is a huge part of the fun of this game. There are actually over 50 VR worlds each with their own “gimmick” that you have to deal with.

The AI of each world will give you the tasks you are required to do, but then it is really up to you how you go about them. In terms of the gameplay, I get a kind of “Job Simulator” vibe from it. I find that the game works great on the Oculus Go. The controllers are fine and as each world is confined you do not have to do a ton of moving around so the movement (teleportation) feels very natural and did not make me motion sick at all.

The Presentation

I have played this on all of the Oculus devices and thanks to the art style that they went for there really is not much in the way of a difference. It may not be quite as sharp as the Rift version, but most folks would probably be hard-pressed to notice. What I really like about the presentation is just how different each world you are in is. Some are bright and colorful and then some are darker and more sinister, it is done very well so much so that you never know what is coming your way.

The audio is just awesome! I love the way the different AI has a different personality from each other and this really does shine through. the overall sound design is easy enough on the ears and fits the tone of the game very well. In all, presentation-wise, Virtual Virtual Reality on the Oculus Go is pretty fun, solid and entertaining.

Final Thoughts

I really do not think that it matters what play form you play this game on you AI-controlled in for a great time. The Oculus Go version of Virtual Virtual Reality is just a ton of fun to play. With a ton of worlds to have fun with, strange AI to deal with and great controls. This is a game that could not be any easier to recommend to Oculus Go users.


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