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I will admit that I never had a train set as a kid, but there was something so charming about the Trains VR trailer that I knew I had to check it out. While on the surface this looks like a game where you just build a virtual train set. Trains VR does actually have more going on than that and it is actually a fun little puzzle game and one that is way more addictive than you would think.

Let us start by talking about the charming presentation that Trains VR, charming is a word I feel you will be seeing a lot in this review. The idea of the game is to take you back to your childhood and it does have a somewhat whimsical and innocent art style and it is one that I really do have a lot of love for. It may look rather basic, but I really do think they have done a great job with the presentation of the game.

As far as the gameplay goes the idea of the game is not, of course, build a really cool and fun train set. However, as you have probably noticed there are stars all over the table and these stars make up the point of the game. You see you do not just need to create your train set, you need to make it so the trains will actually go through the stars. This is how you beat a level, by collecting all of the stars. Some of these are way harder than you would think and you will have to move around the table in order to see where the next bit of track should go.

You do actually have quite a lot of choice when it comes to the pieces that you can use and there are some fun pieces like turntables and little tunnels that you can use as well. The tunnels can come in real handy when there are rocks and other things in the way of getting some of the stars. It is just a really fun and sweet game and I would actually go as far as to say that Trains VR is one of the more relaxing experiences I have had with my Oculus Go.

You play with the touch controller and everything is very easy to do. Moving the table around and putting down the pieces is very simple. You can even control the actual trains and how fast they go which brings me to my next point…. First person train driving! This is actually pretty neat and you can drive the trains from a first person point of view, see the track you have created and even crash.

One thing that I do feel would have made Trains VR even better was a sandbox mode. While it is great that you can create tracks to complete the puzzles. I do feel that a completely open-ended table where you were free to do whatever the heck you wanted would have been pretty awesome. Hopefully, if the game does well enough and gets a sequel this is something they can put in. As of now though, Trains VR is certainly a game I recommend for your Oculus Go.


Has a very cute and charming style

You can ride a train in first person

It is actually a fun puzzle game

Some of the puzzles are rather tricky

Trains VR is a pretty relaxing experience


A sandbox mode would have been great

A little more variety to the trains would have been good too

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