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The people who make Thumper for the Oculus Go like to talk about how this is a rhythm violence kind of game. What the heck is rhythm violence can hear you yelling. Well, I was yelling the exact same thing,  but after just a couple of minutes with Thumper, I got it and I was hooked.

The easiest way to describe Thumper if you ask me is that it is like a cross between Guitar Hero and Tempest 2000. Those are two games that I have had a lot of fun with over the years so I think that is why I was so hooked on what Thumper had to offer. You play as this weird looking metal bug type creature who is hauling butt through a rhythmic hell.

You are flying down these hypnotic and creepy tracks all the while a pounding soundtrack is hitting you really hard. You need to keep an eye on what is coming and twist, turn, zoom and speed along at what sometimes feels like a horrific speed! The sense of speed that Thumper has is truly incredible, but at the same time, you always feel like you are always in control of your weird bug looking craft.

Thumper is quite the challenge as you can only take a couple of hits before you die. It can be very frustrating when you feel like you have a level nailed and then BAM, you miscalculate something and end up getting hit. The thing is when you do get hit it is never because the game “screwed you” it is always because you made a mistake. I found myself getting into a Zen like state and that was when I would do best.

However, there is one way that Thumper can snap or dare I say…. SLAP you out of your Zen like state and that is with its bosses. This is a great use of VR. You are hurtling down the level and then you see the boss come into view, these are designed so well and they do make you say “oh my god, what is that???” when you first see them. These things are pretty horrific and I give a major thumbs up to the guy who designed these.

Thumper has 9 levels for you to have fun with and let me tell you the levels get harder and harder. It took me ages to get past level 4, but when I did get past it I had such a feeling of accomplishment. You may think that 9 levels are not a lot, but the game is challenging and you will always want to try and get the best rank you can on each level.

Thumper is regarded as one of the best VR games for a reason. It is such an immersive experience that it is impossible not to get hooked by it. It is far from an easy game, but it is also a very fair game and a game that I can see anyone who plays it thinking is super cool. It may cost over ten bucks, but this really is one of the best games you can get for the Oculus Go.


Amazing and trippy visuals

The bosses are fantastic

The gameplay is fast, fun, challenging and fair

Awesome soundtrack

It is like a mix of Guitar Hero and Tempest 2000


It is very addictive

Thumper may be too hard for some!

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