Oculus Go Game Reviews – The Well VR

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I will start by saying that The Well VR for the Oculus Go is one of the best VR RPGs around. Not just for the Oculus Go, but in general! This is a truly fantastic game and one that is actually brought to us by the amazing team at Turtle Rock Studios who you may know from games such as Left 4 Dead. This is a remarkable game and one that is a must-own if you have an Oculus Go.

The Story

For an RPG is not the deepest I have ever come across, but it works for The Well. The game is set in the fantasy world of Tholl which is pretty cool and has a kind of 80s fantasy vibe thing going on. There are peaceful villagers and more barbaric tribes in this world, but people keep to themselves and the land is very peaceful. That is until this force full of anger and hellfire shows up called The Tesh.

The Tesh wants nothing, but chaos and it is up to you playing as an adventurer to put a stop to The Tesh and make sure that the land is balanced and peaceful once again. You are looking at around the 10-hour mark to beat the game which I know is not long for an RPG, but being this is a VRY game I do think that this is a good length and you do have reason to go back and play through it again.

The Gameplay

The reason you will want to play through the game multiple times is due to the games class system. You can play as a Warrior, Rogue, Druid or Mage and each one has their own abilities, skills, upgrades and weaknesses that make each one a unique gameplay experience. You will need to go and explore the land and find quests to complete there is a nice amount of quests and I liked how they would often branch out and have you caught up in something else that was going on.

The combat is a lot of fun and each class has a different way of attacking. The standard Go controllers work great and I found The Well VR to be a real joy to play. Not only that, despite the game being rather dynamic, I never once found myself getting motion sick. As this is an RPG, you have to do many standard RPG things. Ranging from collecting gold and loot, leveling up and of course exploring dungeons. I know that on paper it does not sound like the most in-depth RPG in the world, but it is certainly the best VR one I have played so far… well original one, not counting Skyrim of course!

The Presentation

I am very impressed with how sharp The Well VR looks on the Oculus Go. We all know that the Oculus Go is not the most powerful device out there, but Turtle Rock Studios have done an incredible job. Everything has a really smooth look to it and there are some really cool lighting and special effects on some of the characters and enemies you come across that really do make you feel like you are actually inside this world.

I really like the character designs and some of them really do look pretty spectacular. My only real gripe as far as the visuals go is that the enemy types are not as varied as I would have liked. It can sometimes feel like you see the same enemies time and time again. I feel that just three or four more enemy types would have greatly helped this.

Final Thoughts

While it may not be as in-depth or as jam-packed with content as an RPG on the PlayStation 4 or PC. The Well VR for the Oculus Go is a fantastic step in the right direction for the world of VR RPGs. It really does make me excited to think what the people at Turtle Rock Studios could do with this game engine in the future. Without a doubt this is a game that you Oculus Go owners have to play


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