Oculus Go Game Reviews – The Harbinger Trial

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The Harbinger Trial is one of those games for the Oculus Go that I so wanted to love. A game that mixes horror with mystery is something that sounds so very, very cool. Also, this mix is also what VR is really made for. While it is far from being a perfect game. I do feel that The Harbinger Trial is a game that if you can deal with the flaws, you will have a lot of fun with

The game puts you in the role of Dr. Albert Migram. You are one of the leading experts on the minds of psychopaths and people who have committed horrible crimes. You have agreed to dive into the subconscious of these murderers to find out the grisly details of the crimes. You will use your cunning to figure out if the people are cold-hearted killers or if there is something more at play.

Let me start by saying that the version of Harbinger Trial that is on the Oculus Go is different from the one that people are playing on something like the Gear VR. I say this because first of all there is only one chapter to play through in this version and also the controls are quite different. You move around easily enough, but when you want to interact with an object and have to be a bit more precise it can be a real annoyance to deal with.

Also, The Harbinger Trial has some technical issues. Sometimes if you pause the game, when you try to put it back on you are met with a black screen of death and you have to shut the whole thing down in order for it to work again. To be fair I had this only happen a couple of times, but I do know that some people have had it happen pretty much every time they have tried to play the game.

The only chapter that you get to play on the Oculus Go is rather short, but I did find it quite creepy, interesting and fun. You are really just in one room as you look at all the evidence and try to figure out what exactly happened. There is some great jump scares here and my heart was certainly pounding as I played the game. So, in that regard, I do feel that The Harbinger Trial does what it does very well.

I just wish there was more game here. They do give you that first chapter for free so you really cannot complain about having a free game. However, I cannot seem to find a straight answer if the game will be updated to work better and also get new chapters on the Oculus Go.

The Harbinger Trial is a game that has a fantastic premise and I really hope that the developers do not give up on it. I was genuinely scared at some points while I was playing and this is a “world” I would love to experience more of. I do think it is worth trying the free version that is out there now. I just hope that the developers do not just ignore the Oculus Go version of the game.


The idea of the game is fantastic

There are some great jump scares

The whole game has a really creepy vibe to it

You can play it for free

Presentation is great


Has some major technical issues

No more content on Oculus Go as I write this

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