Oculus Go Game Reviews – Tactera

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The backstory of Tactera was something that I actually found very interesting. This is the brainchild of E McNeill and he was the person who brought us the excellent Darknet. He loves VR and wants to make VR games that he actually wants to play. Well, that is exactly what we have here with Tactera. He wanted to make a real time strategy game that felt like a game from the 90s but in VR.

As you can see from the screenshots, Tactera has a top down kind of view. The idea is that you are a commander looking down at your units from a position of safety. I feel that they were going for a futuristic type of war room effect here, but for me, it more feels like a person who is playing a board game like Risk or something like that.

The game is split into two phases. There is grand battle strategy and then there is the real time combat. The first part of this will see you faced with a map that looks like a giant grid. Here you will need to plot your course to the enemy. You take turns, where you move your units across the map until you come across the enemy and this is when the battles begin.

You and your enemy have the same number of bases. These bases will give you new troops that you can deploy in order to swing the battle in your favor. You have a lot of options at your disposal for what you tell the troops to do and it can be a little overwhelming at first. When you take an enemy base, it becomes yours and you can then decide what you want to do with it. As far as a real time strategy game goes, I feel that fans of the genre will feel right at home with what Tactera is offering.

For those who are new to this type of game, I can see you having enough after about ten minutes in all honesty. I am not saying that this is a bad game or anything like that. I just feel that the tutorial could have been much better. I get the impression that this game was made for people who were already familiar with this genre. As a result, this would not be the ideal game for someone new to RTS or tactics games, in general, to play as the learning curve is very steep.

There is a campaign here that is quite fun to play through and this does actually work quite well in making you feel like you are in charge of a whole bunch of troops and units. I would advise this is where you spend most of your time when you first get the game. While the campaign is great, multiplayer is what is going to really suck you in. Playing a game like this with an equally skilled opponent is a real match of wits. Even against the AI Tactera can be a very tense game. You can kick the tension up to a level 12 when playing against another person.

I think that Tactera is a really solid strategy game and if you are willing to put in the time to learn how to play it properly you are in for a real treat here. The art style is rather basic, but I think that it is also cool. With a decently lengthy campaign to enjoy in single player and a never-ending run of multiplayer battles to enjoy. I do feel that for those that are into this type of thing, Tactera is going to be a game that they spend a ton of time with.


The art style is basic, but kind of cool

Plenty of different units to use

A heavy emphasis on thinking before you act

Multiplayer can take over your life

The campaign is a nice length


A very steep learning curve

It is not new user-friendly at all

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