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You may be looking at the name Smash Hit and be thinking to yourself, “haven’t I played this before?” Well, chances are you very well may have. This is because Smash Hit was actually previously released for Smartphones and tablets as a touchscreen game and it was a pretty big hit when it was.

The developer called Mediocre have reworked the game and brought it to the Oculus Go and it really is a fantastic experience and one that is great for a quick five minute burst when you have a little time on your lunch break or for a long gaming session where you have some serious time to try and beat your high score.

What you first notice about Smash Hit on the Oculus Go is just how gorgeous the game looks. It is set in a different dimension, a dimension where everything is made from glass. The first time that I played this game the art style reminded me of two other games, one being Journey and the other being  Abzû. I have to think that the people behind Smash Hit were inspired by those games as the art style does have that kind of feel to it.

As far as the actual game of Smash Hit goes there is not really a whole lot as far as the story goes, but this is more of an old school arcade game than anything else so you really do not need much if any story. The sound, the music and the art style all come together to really assault your senses, actually, I would go as far to say that Smash Hit on Oculus Go has one of the best soundtracks of any VR game that I have played. It really does fit the game perfectly and it can pump you up, chill you out and in general, it just flows with the game very well. It is a very clever use of sound design and one I feel that the developers deserve a ton of credit for.

So what do you actually have to do in Smash Hit? Well, you are always moving forward, moving forward in a world that is made of glass. You need to travel as far as you can and you do this by shooting balls at glass objects. Glass objects that can either be in your way and are something that is going to halt your progress. Or glass objects that are just there for the purpose of you blasting them away to help you get a higher score.

As the game is always moving forward, aiming at first can be something that takes a while to get used to as you always have to factor in your movement when you shoot. You just use your head to aim and shoot and there are some people who have a problem with this. To be fair a gamepad would be a million times easier, but I feel you might lose a bit of the immersion. Still at least having the choice of using a controller would have been nice. The only other issue I really had was that sometimes the game could lag a little bit. To be fair this was very rare, but when it did happen it really threw me off.

Smash Hit is not an easy game and the first few plays might be a little on the frustrating side. However, this is a game that once you get the aiming down and figure out how to aim even though you are moving. You are going to have a total blast with, you will be feeling the music and there is just something so ever satisfying about those glass shattering sound effects. Once you get it, Smash Hit becomes a very addictive game and you want to play one more time just to see if you can get a little further or get a higher score.

If you have an Oculus Go, you have to play Smash Hit. The world that they have created is really cool. While it is a shooter and can sometimes feel like it is moving at a million miles per hour. Smash Hit once you get the controls down just right almost puts you in this Zen state where you are one with the music and blasting the glass objects is even more satisfying. While it can take a few tries to get the aiming down, once you do you will find yourself hooked!


Really cool and interesting art style that they have gone for

Sound design is great and music is very addictive

You will always want to try and beat your high score

Perfect if you want a game that is good in short bursts


They could also offer controller support

Sometimes there is a little bit of lag


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