Oculus Go Game Reviews – Sea Hero Quest

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Wow, talk about a surprise! Sea Hero Quest when I first saw the screenshots and video footage of it looked nothing more than a cutesy kids VR game to me. Boy was I wrong! The story behind Sea Hero Quest is amazing. This is actually been put out and developed to help scientists learn more about and fight dementia. That is some pretty inspirational stuff and you have to give the people behind this game a big high five for that.

The first thing that catches your eye about Sea Hero Quest is the visuals. This game looks amazing which when you consider the game is free is pretty amazing. I always say it when a game uses this kind of art style, but I do get a Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker kind of vibe from the visuals. Especially in the areas that have islands and the water is very blue. I really do like the charming visuals and overall the presentation is great.

So, what exactly do you do I Sea Hero Quest? Well, the idea of the game is that you are an explorer. You will travel to all kinds of seas from ones that have a tropical look to it and others that are like you are at the frozen top of the world. As well as navigating different waters, you are also on the hunt for different sea creatures. There is a little bit of gameplay as you can interact with the sea creatures by giving them food and you can also interact with other things that are in the world.

The whole time that you are playing Sea Hero Quest it is collecting the data and it is using that for its dementia research. The loss of navigation skills is one of the earliest signs of dementia and the way that this game tracks data is going to give scientists a better understanding of ways that they can help fight dementia. It really is a fantastic cause and even if you only play the game a couple of times, I do feel that it is well worth doing as you are doing your part to help these guys out.

Sea Hero Quest is very easy to play the head tracking is pretty spot on and the interacting with the world works very well. I do feel that they have kept the game as simple as possible so that it can be enjoyed by people of all ages. While there is a good cause and a reason for Sea Hero Quest to exist. I must say that from a video game point of view it is quite charming and fun to play through. Plus you feel good knowing that your playthrough is actually making a difference to the dementia research.

This is a game that is 100 percent free so there is no reason at all as to why you should not give it a go. While Sea Hero Quest is a game that is here to help with dementia research, it is quite a fun little experience in its own right so it is worth having a couple of playthroughs.


You are helping a great cause by playing it

The art style has a lot of charm

Cool sea creatures to find

Sailing on different seas is fun

The game is helping fight dementia


As this is for such a good cause and free I refuse to write any cons about it

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