Oculus Go Game Reviews – Rush VR

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I have often watched videos of these lunatics with wingsuits and often thought that it looked cool, but never in a million years would I have the guts to do that! Well now thanks to Rush VR on the Oculus Go, I can partake in a little wingsuit action, but never be in any actual danger.

At its core would describe Rush on the Oculus Go as a racing game. I know that some folks may take one look at the around five bucks asking price and say “nope” however this is one of the best racing games I have played on the Oculus Go and I honestly feel that it would be worth the price of admission at double the price!

The idea, of course, is that you are standing on a base up high and then you jump off and you have to fly, glide or whatever the term is down the track all the way to the end. What blew me away with Rush VR was the sheer number of tracks. This game has a phenomenal 90 different tracks that are spread across four different locations. I really like how varied the locations are. You have a desert/rock type area all the way to a snow covered area. For me the snow one was the best, I loved how immersive and close to the snow I could get.

The vast number of tracks is not the only impressive thing that Rush has going for it. There are also different game modes for you to have fun with. Race to the Finish is exactly what it sounds like, you put your skills to the test to get across the line first. Time Attack lets you take on any track you like and see if you can beat yours or your buddies best times. Score Challenge is the toughest mode and sees you having to fly through certain gates in order to get as high a score as possible.

Having these different game modes greatly impacts the longevity of the game. You can even play against other players and put your time and scores against theirs. This is something that I have actually had a lot of fun with.

One thing I really want to get across to you guys is just how immersive Rush VR on the Oculus Go is. I was really not quite prepared for how “real” this would feel. Sure they have gone for a more cartoony art style, but when you are flying along just inches above a surface or you fly through an area that feels like one inch either side would mean death. You cannot help, but get a rush of adrenaline and fear at the same time.

For me, VR is at its best when you on occasion lose sight of the fact that you are playing a game and you feel like you are there. That is what I got time and time again with Rush VR and it makes this one of the best games to show off your Oculus Go.

I really cannot praise Rush VR highly enough. I had such a great time with this and just tilting your head to control your wingsuit is very easy to do, but it also takes some practice and skill to get the best times. With tons of tracks, different environments and multiple game modes. Rush VR is a game that is stacked with content and will keep you busy and happy for a very long time.


The sense of speed is phenomenal

Tight spaces you fly through are scary!

Graphics are very nice

Controls are very easy to get the hang of

Lots of tracks, areas and game modes to enjoy


Can make you feel a bit sick

It is very addictive

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