Oculus Go Game Reviews – République VR

The name République VR may sound familiar to you and that could be because this was previously released as a mobile title a little while back. République VR brings the game to Oculus Go and the world of VR!

République VR is a nice change of pace. Instead of being all about action and who can aim and shoot the fastest. République VR is about stealth and thinking before you act. As a result, it stands out from most of the other games that are on Oculus Go right now.

There is a pretty good story here that centers around you needing to save a girl called Hope. The story is told through five chapters and it feels like you are taking part in a movie which is really cool. It is experiences like this that show how immersive a VR game can be when it is made by the right developer.

What is really neat about République VR is that the way you help Hope is via CCTV cameras, that is the viewpoint of what Hope is doing that you will have. You can switch between the different CCTV cameras to not just see Hope, but see guards, your surrounding area and where you need to go. A large part of the game is scoping out areas and figuring out the safest way for Hope to get through an area.

République VR plays like a point and click adventure game and it is very easy to get the hang of. You look and then tell Hope where to go and what to do. This is simple enough, but sometimes the CCTV camera you are looking through will change as she makes her way through an area and this can throw you off, in a way it reminds me of the old fixed cameras of ResidentEvil. It is not a bad or game breaking thing, but it can take a little while to get used to.

As you try to help Hope stay safe and escape, you can pickpocket guards, find secret discs and other secrets that help add to the gameplay. The tension is pretty high and one wrong move can result in Hope getting caught. It is a rather slow-paced game, but I mean that in the most complimentary way possible. It is good to have a game that makes you think instead of being just all about action.

République VR is going to take you around 8 to 10 hours to complete. This is no quick and easy VR game. This is a fully fledged and thought out game that has a begging, middle and end. If you want a game that has more substance and is something you can really get invested in, République VR is a game you have to download. Speaking of download, this comes in at over 6GB, not the 1GB the site says so make sure you have enough storage space to download it.

If you love stealth games and games that have a dark and hopeless setting, République VR is something you are going to have a lot of fun with. The five chapters each will have you on the edge of the seat and the story is well written so you actually do care about Hope and want to help her out. If you are sick of VR games that are just about screwing around in VR and have no deep gameplay, République VRis perfect for you.


Fun and immersive gameplay

Fantastic presentation

The story is very well written

Great use of VR

Plenty of content for you to get into


Takes up a fair bit of storage space

Not ideal if stealth and slow paced games are not your thing

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