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Rangi for the Oculus Go is an interesting puzzle style game. It actually started its life out as a game for the Samsung Gear VR and was later ported to the Oculus Go. Of course, you do have to wonder if a game made for let’s just say much lesser hardware is worth porting to something like the Oculus Go, but I must admit I was quite impressed with how Rangi turned out.

The setting of Rangi is vert interesting. The game is inspired by African culture. This goes for its rather tribal setting to the tribal music and all of the architecture. I will not say that I am an expert on this kind of stuff, but it certainly does make the setting of Rangi rather different. The game has you solving puzzles in order to get out of this temple which while beautiful is also very, very dangerous. The art style of Rangi is great. It may at first glance seem a bit simplistic, but the cell-shaded look works great for this game and it is nice how bright and clear everything in the game is. The music is also awesome and fits the game perfectly.

As far as the gameplay of Rangi goes it is best described as a puzzle game. It eases you in very well, teaching you the basics and then the difficulty will gradually increase as you play. When you learn a new mechanic, the game will usually give you an area to learn how to use it properly before slapping you in the face with a puzzle. None of the puzzles are too difficult and they do tend to follow the same formula. Moving blocks, turning things around and lining up colors are the kind of things you will be doing in order to get from one room to another.

The game controls great with the Oculus Go controllers. You point and teleport to move around each location. I do wish that you had the freedom to explore, but as this is a port of a mobile VR game, I get why they could not do that. This does make the puzzles a bit easier as the game only really lets you go where you need to so it is always quite easy to figure out what you have to do. Of course, doing what you have to do is where the challenge lies.

I found that Rangi is a rather relaxing kind of experience. It is the kind of game that you can put on, relax and just have a good time playing through. It is one of those games that with its tribal style, is great for playing after you have played something pretty intense. I am not sure it is the kind of game I would play through again and again, but it was certainly a good experience while it lasted.

Rangi for the Oculus Go is a fun experience and one that is well worth checking out. The game costs under five bucks so I think that it is excellent value for money. Even if you were only to play through the game once, you would get your money’s worth here. If a puzzle game with a unique setting is what you are after, Rangi could be just what you are looking for.


I love the African setting

The music is fantastic

The cell-shaded look is awesome

It is very easy to get into and learn the basics of

Playing through the game is a rather relaxing experience


It is not the longest game

Not sure you would play through it more than once

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