Oculus Go Game Reviews – PolyRunner VR

Image Credit: https://www.oculus.com/experiences/gear-vr/889483134491958/?locale=en_GB

The first footage I saw of PolyRunner VR for Oculus Go made me think that this was going to be the Oculus Go version of Star Fox! Well while it is not exactly like that classic on the SNES. PolyRunner VR is a very addictive game and I can easily see why so many people are having a great time with this.

The idea of PolyRunner VR is that you are the pilot of a high-tech craft and you need to put it through its paces all the while it is doing the same for you. Each level requires you to get to the end, getting as high score along the way as you can. It sounds like very simple stuff and that is because it is. The simplicity of the whole game is actually what has kept me coming back to PolyRunner VR over and over again.

Each level features a ton of different things that you can crash into. However, keep your eyes open as there are rings and powerups that you can fly through too. Sometimes there is a bit of a risk and reward thing going on as most of the time a ring to get more points will be in a spot that can easily cause you to slam into something. I actually like this kind of gameplay as I feel it makes things more exciting.

The way PolyRunner VR controls is fine. You just move your head from side to side to control the craft and I never had any issues at all with the responsiveness of the controls. The headset is great at just picking up subtle movements so I do feel that there is quite a bit of skill involved with this game. At the same time, why can I only move left and right? Yes, you read that right! For some reason, the craft can only move left and right. I really think that the game would be even better if you could move up and down as well. When you start the game, it feels a little strange that you cannot move up and down.

Apart from getting to the end of each level and trying to get as high a score as you can. There is not much else to PolyRunner VR. It is a game that is not made to suck 50 hours out of you. Instead, I get the impression the folks behind this game made it knowing that it would be played for 10 minutes here and 30 minutes there and so on. I found it quite addictive and when you crash you do feel that you need to play just one more time to see if you can get further than you did before.

I love the graphics of the game. Everything has a really clean and smooth look to it and there is more diversity to the stages than you would think. I am also very impressed with how fast this game moves and I can easily see some of you guys getting a little sick from this as the speed that the structures fly past you can take a little while to get used to. The sound is not quite as good, I feel that PolyRunner VR would have benefited from a more pumping and kick butt kind of soundtrack.

While there may not be a lot to PolyRunner VR I still had a really fun time playing this. I can easily see myself coming back to this time and time again. It is easy to learn, hard to master and it is also completely free to download. This is a game that I really do think is worth giving a try.


Some very nice visuals

A great sense of speed

The controls work very, very well

You always want to have just one more go

There is a decent amount of stages


You cannot move up or down

The soundtrack is not the best

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