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If you are a person who likes to play poker then you are going to like what Poker VR is offering you. There are a few different poker games on the Oculus Go, but I feel that Poker VR is trying to be that authentic poker experience all the while offering some fun customization options along with a lot of things for you to collect.

One of the problems that some poker video games have had over the years is making you feel like you were actually playing. As important as the cards are in poker, being able to read an opponent’s face or watch for any tells that they may have can be the real difference maker. This is what Poker VR is aiming to emulate and it does it pretty darn well. The avatars are very expressive and if you look closely you can get a feeling for what kind of hand people have. While this is great, I do wish that they would show their hand when you beat them.

The avatars are pretty cool and there is a ton of different things that you can use in order for you to make them your own. This ranges from pants, hats and other fun little accessories. As I write this the game just got a pretty cool update that is called, The Mutant Update. This is really fun and allows you to make your avatar some kind of strange creature. It really does not change the gameplay at all, but I do think that it helps give the game a little bit more personality

The poker is pretty solid and no matter if you are playing against actual people or the AI, you never feel like you are getting cheated. There are all kinds of trophies that you can collect and this is something that I am sure you will find very addictive. If you have a buddy that you like to play with then you can trade and gift trophies to each other. I am not really sure exactly what the point of this is, but it could be fun if you are into that kind of thing.

The game controls well enough. The aim is that you use the Oculus Go pad as an extension of your hand and it works very well. I can honestly say that I never had a moment in the game where I felt like my movements were not being registered properly. If only that transferred to my actual poker skills!

I would say that Poker VR is not a game that is going to make you fall in love with the game of poker. However, I will say that if you are already a fan of poker that Poker VR is a solid experience and one you will have a lot of fun with. I do think that the recent Mutant Update does make it that little bit more fun. While the poker is good, collecting all the trophies and making your avatar unique is just as addictive.


The new Mutant Update is cool

It feels just like real poker

Lots of things for you to collect

The facial animations are well done

You can play with buddies


Not great if you are not already a fan of poker

If you suck at poker, you may not be good at this

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