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Wow! VR was made for horror games and Play With Me is one of the best free horror games that you can get on your Oculus Go. If you like scary houses, killer clowns and games that ramp the tension up to a level 9000, Play With Me is the game for you. Just make sure you have clean underwear and a baseball bat under your bed for when you are finished playing.

The premise of Play With Me is very simple. You are in a very scary house and you need to find all of the birthday candles and also the key to get out. You also need to find the right door to get out of…. Oh, and there is a crazy killer clown that wants you dead the whole time you are doing this.

Walking around the house in VR is awesome and it looks great. This looks like some kind of twisted house that would be in a horror movie. It kind of reminded me of the house that Saw II was set in actually or if you want to go a bit old school, Night of the Demons. If you are a fan of horror like I am the setting they have created in Play with Me is going to be something you get a real kick out of.

You walk around, pretty much anywhere in the house you want in your quest to find these birthday candles. The setting of the house is unsettling enough, but the clown that is lurking around the place makes it even worse! You are always on high alert and worried that each time you go somewhere new, he will be there. Or he will hear you and come at you to kill you. As scary as the presence of the clown is I will do you a solid and give you a warning that his scream will curl your blood! So you might not want to have your headphones up too loud!

While playing Play with Me is a lot of fun. This is one of those VR games that is almost as much fun to watch someone else play. It is so funny to see someone get majorly freaked out or scream when the clown comes at them.

While I had a lot of fun with Play with Me there is not a whole lot to it. Once you have played through it you have kind of seen all that it has to offer. Still, this is not meant as a major knock on it as the game is free. However, I would love it if the dude who made this could make another game, but have more objectives and more things to do as I think it could be one of the best VR horror games.

Play with Me is a game that you have to try out on your Oculus Go if you are a horror fan. It is genuinely scary, creepy and will have you jumping out of your skin. This is what VR horror should be and watching your friends or family member play it will be just as much fun as playing it yourself. Just be warned this game is very, very scary and it will make you jump, scream and possible curl into a ball and cry for your mommy.



Great scary house to explore

The clown is genuinely scary

That screen will make you want to die!

The presentation is very good, looks like a horror movie

Free to play


Rather short

Saying that this game is scary is an understatement!

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