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I have been enjoying Pinball FX2 for years on the Xbox One so when I heard that there was a version for the Oculus Go, I was all over it! Pinball FX2 is a game that works wonderfully well on console and PC so I was a little curious how that would translate to the world of VR.

Let me start with the obvious here. When you go to the Oculus store it looks like you are getting Back to the Future, ET, and Jaws. These three tables are not included with the base game and must be purchased separately. The game to be honest with you does a horrible job in telling you what tables come with the base package. I really think this is something that they need to address as in all honesty I find it quite misleading and the reviews on the site are full of angry people who thought they were getting those three tables I just mentioned.

I hate to start a review off on such a negative note, especially when Pinball FX2 VR is such an awesome pinball experience. I would go as far as to say this is the best VR pinball game, I have had the pleasure to play so far. So what do you get in the base package? Well, the game gives you three tables and that works out at a little over a buck per table so I consider that to be excellent value for money. Even if you got the base game and did not buy any of the other tables. The three tables that are on offer here give you more than enough fun.

The three tables that you get are Epic Quest, Secrets of the Deep and Mars. Each of these has its own distinct theme. My personal favorite of the three is Secrets of the Deep. It is a fast-paced table that requires you to think before you hit the ball as some of the targets are super challenging. Epic Quest has a medieval, fantasy type theme to it and Mars is a sci-fi one. So, I do think that it is great that the three tables they give you have a lot of variety to them.

You can, of course, buy extra tables as DLC and I think that if you get into the game these are worth it. The Walking Dead table, in particular, is really awesome and a purchase I am very happy with. One thing I like is how you are in a VR apartment and you can deck this place out with all of your pinball tables. The apartment will change depending on what table you are playing and this is something that I think is really cool and helps give the game that extra personality.

As far as the actual pinball mechanics go, I feel that Pinball FX2 VR on the Oculus Go is every bit as good as its console counterpart. I have read that some people have had trouble using the Go controller and advise using an actual gamepad, but I found that the Go controller worked really well and I had no issues with the control at all.

In all Pinball FX2 VR is a truly fantastic game and one of the best that I have on my own personal Oculus Go. The three tables are all a lot of fun to play and challenging yourself to be the top of the leaderboards is a lot of fun. I do dislike how they are not upfront with what tables are actually included, but everything else about the game is overwhelmingly positive.


The best VR pinball game around

Three fun tables are included

Online leaderboards are very well done

The game plays very well

Plenty of other tables you can buy


They are not upfront with what tables are included

Some may not like the controls

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