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Today I am taking a dip in the ocean as I check out Ocean Rift VR for the Oculus Go. This is something that is a bit of a debate in the VR community. I say this because you could make the argument that Ocean Rift VR is best described as a VR experience rather than a full on game as there is not exactly a lot of what you would call gameplay here, but at the same time, it offers you an excellent deep sea VR experience.

The idea of Ocean Rift VR is that you are a diver, not just any diver you are the best darn diver around and you are going to be going to 12 different locations where you can look at some of the most amazing sea creatures that have ever swam in our oceans. The VR effect is done very well and you never know where to put your head. Even when something friendly like a dolphin swims by you and catches you off guard it gives you a bit of a thrill.

The different locations that you dive in are really well done. You, of course, have your standard “blue” oceans that you can swim in, but Ocean Rift VR goes a step further and lets you go to the seas of the artic, the deep dark and scary bottom of the ocean and even the seas of the dinosaurs! I was actually very impressed with the variation in the different places that you could dive and swim. You can actually go to the surface and this is where the presentation of the game falls. I really wish they had something up there it is just really blank and it kind of takes you out of the immersion. It seems a silly thing to knock the game for, but when the rest of the game is so immersive this stands out like a sore thumb.

As you swim around you can find information about the different species you come across which is actually quite interesting. While there is no actual “game” to this it does get rather exciting as there are moments when the game gives you a real scare. This can be the shark smashing into your shark cage or even better some creepy looking thing from the dark deep getting a wee bit close. For me though the best is the prehistoric seas! This is just a great idea and I really would love to see a whole game in this style based around dinosaurs.

The controls are great you only have to worry about a few things. These are moving around which is nice and easy to do. You and pick things up and drop them and this is done with just the touch of a button and of course, you also can bring up the information points so you can learn about a specific series.

I think that Ocean Rift VR is a great showcase for how immersive VR can be. This is really well done and while I keep calling it a game, I think that is a stretch. This is more of an experience and an experience that I do think is worth checking out if you have an Oculus Go.


12 different locations to dive in

You can even swim with dinosaurs

Teaches you about different aquatic life

The controls are very easy to get the hang of

Plenty of jump scares!


The above the surface looks terrible

Not really what you would call “a game”

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