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For me, Neverout is as close to the awesome sci-fi/thriller movie Cube as we have gotten. This kind of idea is perfect for VR and the version of Neverout for the Oculus Go is just as good as it is on the other platforms. If you are into puzzle games then I highly suggest that you take a closer look at Neverout.

Neverout is a game that is all about cubes. When the game starts you are dropped into the first cube and it is up to you to solve the puzzle that is in front of you in order to get out. Literally, this is the plot of the movie, The Cube! I was so in when I found out this was the premise of the game. However as cool as it is, I do wish that it had more story and more atmosphere as that is something that is lacking in the game’s presentation.

Each room that you are in has a different feel to it be it the design or even the gravity! As you move around the cube you will get an idea of what you need to do in order to solve the puzzle. I really liked how the game eased me into the puzzle solving aspect by starting with pretty basic puzzles that require you to just move boxes around. Things do start to get far more complex and you really have to think about each aspect of the cube room you are in.

Death is a very real possibility in each cube. For example, if you make a wrong move then you can be crushed to death by a block or something else that is in the cube. The game will introduce new elements like these pads that have things like sticking abilities, teleportation, and even electricity. At all adds to the complexity of each cube and each one feels like a new challenge.

You really have to take in the whole cube as when you move the cube around, the items inside of course move around. This requires you to always try and remember where everything is! This is far easier said than done and on more than one occasion I thought that I had it all figured out only to be crushed by a cube I did not take into consideration. Neverout is the kind of game that really forces you to concentrate and it punishes you when you do not.

I have heard some people say that you need a proper controller to play this, but I never found that to be the case. I just used the standard Oculus Go controllers and had no issues at all moving around, playing with the blocks and manipulating each cube I was in. I am sure that some people will prefer using a controller, but I do not think it makes the overall gameplay experience any better if I am honest.

Neverout is a game that I really did enjoy. It is one of the more interesting puzzle games I have played in quite a while and I do feel that it is worth checking out. I just wish that it had a bit more story and atmosphere as with that I think that they would have had an absolute slam dunk of a puzzle game on their hands.


Lots of challenging puzzles to figure out

Great use of VR

You feel like you are in the cube

Controls work great


More story would have been nice

Some levels can be a tad frustrating to figure out

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