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I have always had a thing for games that let me play as a pirate and I am going to say right off the bat that Narrows is one of the best I have ever played. This is the game that I kind of wish Sea of Thieves was! It is an exploration game with a bit of strategy sprinkled over it and it works wonderfully well.

The idea of the game is that you were once one of the best pirates the high seas had ever seen. Well after a less than successful run in with a rival. You end up stranded on an island with all your loot gone and only three shipmates to help you get back to the top. The game has a lot of humor to it and I really like the way it sets things up.

You will need to navigate and get one from one point to the next which you do with this table that has a map on it. The map is pretty stacked with things to do and you select where you want to go and off you sail. There could be a rival set of pirates for you to attack, a trade deal to be made or perhaps some epic treasure on a shipwreck! One thing that I think Narrows on the Oculus Go does very well is give you a lot of different things to do.

Of course, in a game about pirates, combat plays a bit part of it. However, I would advise that in the early part of your adventure you get as much treasure as you can and also make sure you have a solid crew. This way you are far more prepared for when you will have to fight off rival pirates! Then again, you might decide to just go for it and get into combat right away.

The combat in Narrows is something that I had a lot of fun with. You need to try and sink their ship before they can do the same to you. At the same time though you have to watch for any fools dumb enough who want to come onto your ship to try and take you down that way. You just click on your crew and tell them what you want them to do. It is very easy and simple to get to grips with. The different parts of your ship will have a different “job” so be sure to learn your ship quite well. Also, there is some first-person style pirate combat that you will be getting into.

The main person in your crew is, of course, the captain. While each member of your crew has their own “skills) this could be fighting or repairing the ship for example. If your captain dies then it is game over for you. So, while you need to protect the ship, you always want to make sure that you have enough crew members so that your captain is kept safe and sound.

Narrows does have some things that you also have to think about and this is where the strategy aspect of it comes into play. You will not only have to worry about keeping your ship in running order and upgrading the different sections of it. You also have to look after your crew. This can be things like making sure there is enough food so they do not get hungry and looking out for them when they get sick.

I found the controls to be pretty solid and I played just using the Oculus Go controller. The art style is great and while some may feel they have gone for more of a Disney/DreamWorks style when it comes to swashbuckling. I feel that it works very well. Everything has a nice and clean look to it and I really do have no complaints about the presentation at all.

In all, I have to say that Narrows is one of the most fun games I have played on my Oculus Go in quite some time. It gives you a lot of different things to do and playing as a pirate has never been so much fun. Coming in at under ten bucks, Narrows is without a doubt a game you have to play!


One of the best pirate games I have played

The controls work very well

There is quite a bit of strategy here

It has first person pirate combat which is fun

Be the pirate you have always wanted to be


Some may get bored after a while

Just a tad more story would have been nice

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