Oculus Go Game Reviews – Merry Snowballs

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As I write this review for Merry Snowballs it is April. That is important to note because I have a feeling that come December, Merry Snowballs is going to be one of my go-to games to get me in the Christmas spirit. This is a game that was made by only two people. Two folks who actually worked for Dice! So that right there tells you the kind of people they are which is what got me very excited about finally checking this game out.

The first thing that you take notice of is just how polished Merry Snowballs is. While the overall game is pretty simple. Merry Snowballs does have a lot of charm to it and the presentation, for the most part, is very nice. It really does take me back to when I was a kid and I and my friends would have these epic snowball fights around the neighborhood. I think that is the kind of feeling they were hoping to capture and they do it very well.

The idea of the game is pretty simple. You are a neighborhood kid and there is an epic snowball fight taking place. You can use the controller to “throw” snowballs, but you can also use it to block them too. It actually works really well and I was impressed with how well my Oculus Go picked up my throws and blocks. You score points by hitting the other kids that are around the map and also by nailing these presents that are scattered around too.

While throwing the snowballs is fun, Merry Snowballs kicks things up a notch by having powerups that you can get. These range from a machine gun to an ice gun that all make nailing the other kids with snowballs that extra bit easier. You can even do this roulette wheel thing that will score you a power up right from the start of the fight! This is really cool when this happens and can certainly set you on your path to a really high score.

One thing that I got a real good chuckle out of with Merry Snowballs was the boss fights. The game has a rather creepy looking Santa Clause that you need to put in his place. As well as good old’ saint nick, you also will do battle against a giant gingerbread man who has come to life. These just help add to the personality and also gives the game a little extra for you to do.

There are different maps, but the only real thing that you are striving towards (as well as beating the game) is the leaderboards. You can try your best to get as high on them as you can. I think this is what you will spend most of your time doing as overall the game is quite short. I do feel that some kind of multiplayer aspect to the game where I could easily play with other real people would have been awesome.


The presentation is great

Throwing and blocking snowballs feels great

The action is quite fun

The game is very reasonably priced

Santa is a boss!


The game is quite short

A large multiplayer snowball fight would have been great

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