Oculus Go Game Reviews – Land’s End

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There are some VR games that are better described as an “experience” and that is exactly what I feel rings true for Land’s End on the Oculus Go. This is a game that I have played through on multiple occasions and it is just such a great experience each time. It has a great team behind it (the folks behind Monument Valley) and a nice level of polish that keeps you wanting to explore this interesting world.

The Story

Before I played Land’s End, I was sure this was going to be a very story-heavy kind of game. That is not actually the case here at all and the game is rather mysterious in its story. The basics of it are quite interesting in that there is this ancient civilization and you are trying to awaken them with the power of your mind!

Sometimes I get a little annoyed with some games and want them to dive deeper and give me more story. I did in a way get like that with Land’s End, but it is very clever in the way you can find these idols which will expand things more and give you more backstory on what exactly is going on here. There is just enough story to keep you moving forward and it is done really well. The game is split into five chapters and they are rather short, but that is not actually a bad thing.

The Gameplay

It really is the gameplay of Land’s End on the Oculus Go that makes this such an interesting VR experience. The idea of Land’s End is that you can play it with just your head. It sounds like it would be a nightmare to deal with, but it works very well. You use your “mind” to solve various puzzles and deal with mini-games. Well, I say “mind” you actually use your head by tilting and focusing on various things. It works way better than you would think and just looking around each area is very easy to figure out.

Some VR games try way too hard and end up having a control scheme that is just too complicated for its own good. Land’s End, on the other hand, is a game that even a person with next to no video game experience would be able to jump in and figure out what to do. None of the puzzles are too hard, but you do feel great when you get everything in one area done.

The Presentation

I would say that “basic” is probably the best way to describe the graphics of Land’s End. That is not meant as a slight on the game at all, the game has a very basic look in purpose and I think it is fantastic. Everything is nice and smooth and it makes you want to really want to explore this strange place and find out as much as you can about it. Everything is clean, well designed and while not highly detailed, I really do love the visual style of this game.

The only real downside of the overall presentation is the sound design. There is just not enough of it for my liking. I really do wish that there were more sound effects in the game. I am talking about more wind effects and other ambient type sounds as I feel this would have really helped make this world feel more immersive.

Final Thoughts

Ok, so it may only take an hour or so to get through Land’s End on the Oculus Go. However, you have plenty of reason to jump back in and find all of the secrets that this world has. It has an interesting premise; it looks very smart and it is a game that anyone in the world can jump in and figure out. If you have an Oculus Go, you have to take a closer look at this.


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