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I have loved dungeon crawler games since I was a kid so when I saw the first trailer for KryptCrawler on the Oculus Go. I knew that this was going to be a game I had to try out. If you love fantasy style stories, games, and settings. I really do think that you are the type of gamer who KryptCrawler is aimed at.

Let me start by talking about the “goal” of the game. You are in a dungeon and as you are the mightiest warrior around you need to explore this dungeon and find all the loot that you can. The story is basic at best, but I feel this is a game that is more about the experience than the story. As you would expect there are plenty of things that want you dead and want to have you for lunch in this dungeon.

The gameplay will see you exploring the dungeon. Solving various puzzles and engaging in combat. You will also need to loot fallen foes, corpses and other things in order to get equipment that you can use in combat. The combat works very well on the Oculus Go and you just basically twist your wrists and you will strike whatever creature is in your path. Some enemies are easier than others and some do take a bit of strategy to defeat.

As far as the puzzles go some of these are way tougher than I thought they would be. I found myself on more than one occasion wondering what the heck to do! It never got to the point of frustrating, but I do feel that I was getting close. To be fair I would rather this than puzzles that were so easy that they were boring.

The dungeon is also filled with all kinds of mean and nasty traps for you to fall into. There are fireballs that will blast you in the face if you step in the wrong place. You can step into the wrong room and have spikes close in on you and many more. These death traps I found to be a lot of fun and they certainly made me jump more than once. It also keeps you on edge the whole time you play the game which helps add some tension to it.

The way you move around this dungeon is something that may take a little while for you to get used to. The game is based on a grid. While you are free to move your head around as much as you would like. You can only walk forward, backward and side to side on this grid. So, you cannot free roam. I found this rather rigid movement a little off-putting at first, but I did soon get used to it.

Thankfully the people behind the game have put a map in here. The map is basic, but it gets the job done and you will find yourself looking at the map time and time again. The reason for this is that the game while quite good looking. Does feature a lot of environments that have a very similar look to them so it can be easy to get a little lost.

I did have a lot of fun with KryptCrawler. I feel that this is a great game if you like dungeon crawlers and things like Dungeons & Dragons. I do wish that there was a bit more story to it, but I have found myself coming back to this game time and time again. A real plus for this game is that it only costs a couple of bucks so it is well worth downloading and giving a go.


The setting is really cool

Using weapons feels great with the Go controller

Some of the puzzles are really challenging

The game looks very nice

It is very reasonably priced


Controls can take a short while to get used to

I do wish there was more story

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