Oculus Go Game Reviews – Jigsaw Puzzle VR

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Today we are looking at Jigsaw Puzzle VR which I am very well aware is possibly the most boring name for a video game ever! But, puzzle games are very popular on the Oculus Go and letting people make 3D jigsaw puzzles in a 3D world does sound like a kind of interesting idea.

Jigsaw Puzzle VR features 25 different puzzles for you to solve. These are not just 2D flat puzzles that you have to figure out. These are full-on 3D puzzles that have a lot of depth to them and some of them can be very challenging. What makes the puzzles more interesting and personal is the fantastic visuals. Ok so fantastic may be overselling them, but I was pleasantly surprised at how Jigsaw Puzzle VR looked.

You have many different styles of puzzles to do and these are in different zones. Depending on what kind of zone you pick will depend on what puzzles you do. So if you want something a little more epic you will pick the Fantasy Zone. If you want something a little more real, pick the Car Town. There is plenty of choices when it comes to puzzles here and I think they got it just right with the different styles they picked. They are not all ultra-realistic and boring, these puzzles are actually quite fun and I think that helps keep your attention.

Let’s say you go to Car Town. You will then have to solve a series of puzzles and when you do that item will be added to the town. You have to put together this yellow car and once you do it becomes part of the town. One thing that the game does which is pretty handy is let you know how many pieces make up an object. In the case of the yellow car it is 20 pieces and on the board, they have 20 purple squares that are there to help you keep track of what you have done right.

The difficulty level is all over the place. The easy difficulty level is insultingly easy and I would bet that you could mess around with your eyes closed and manage to stumble around and put it together. Then some of the more challenging puzzles can be rather intimidating, but I feel that these are way better than the easy puzzles. I found the easy puzzles just flat out boring and they really do not serve as a good way to ease you into the game as the game is not all that hard to understand in the first place.

Jigsaw Puzzle VR for the Oculus Go is not a bad game at all. It is just not the most exciting game I have ever played. It is currently available for free and for a free game it is worth a download. If you like doing jigsaw puzzles then I think you will have fun here, just make sure you jump straight into the harder puzzles. If you start with the easier ones you may get bored and just turn it off.


Features different scenarios

Over 20 different puzzles

Multiple difficulty levels

The graphics are appealing

It is currently free


The music will drive you nuts!

Easy mode is way, way too easy! 

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