Oculus Go Game Reviews – Hidden Temple – VR Adventure

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You might want to break out the Indiana Jones style hat for Hidden Temple – VR Adventure! This is a fun Oculus Go game that is currently being sold for under five bucks so as far as more budget-friendly releases go, this one here is pretty darn solid. If you are a fan of classic adventure games and point and click style games, you are in for a treat here.

The Story

I would say that the story, in all honesty, is probably the weakest aspect of the game. Do not get me wrong, it is not horrible or anything like that, but it is rather bare-bones. The idea is that you are a treasure hunter and you want to get as much treasure and ancient artifacts as you can, all the while trying to survive in this death trap of a temple.

While I say that the story is bare-bones, you really get the gist of what the deal with the game is very early on. To give the game the benefit of the doubt, perhaps there is not a ton of narrative to the game as they want you to really feel like you are an explorer who is trapped in this temple full of gold and traps!

The Gameplay

I really think that Hidden Temple – VR Adventure on the Oculus Go does a great job of making you feel like you are inside of this game. It is best described as a point and click style adventure game. You go from area to area in this temple where you will find various puzzles, traps, and treasure! Each area is pretty exciting as on your first playthrough you never really know what the game is going to throw your way.

Getting around is easy enough and the biggest “gimmick” that the game has is combining two items. You have to do this quite a lot, you will come across items and they are great and all, but it is using your adventurer smarts to figure out how to combine certain items to help you on your journey that you need to do. Some of these are rather cryptic, but others such as making a torch are pretty straightforward.

The Presentation

I really like the art style that they have gone for here and I think it looks great on the Oculus Go. I would probably say the game is best compared to the most recent Temple Run game. I say this because it has a very smooth and cell-shaded kind of style to it and it is quite popping. I love the different areas of the temple and going from an area that is all cave to one with lava looks really cool.

One thing that you will often read about this game is the height of the character you play as. It is rather hard to explain and I think they were trying to make the temple seem huge. However, for me it just made me feel like I was really short and I am short in real life so I do not need a VR game rubbing that in my face!

Final Thoughts

I think for a budget game, Hidden Temple – VR Adventure on the Oculus Go is a really fun time. It is made very, very well and some of the puzzles that it throws your way really will make you think. I liked how the game had a real emphasis on combining items to get through the temple and in all I do feel it is worth checking out.


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