Oculus Go Game Reviews – Hidden Fortune

Image Credit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2NavX6dMTQM

Hidden Fortune is a fun twist and a blend of those hidden object games and puzzle games. These are the kind of games that VR was made for. I have had a lot of fun playing puzzle and hidden object games so Hidden Fortune is one game that I was very excited to play.

The idea of Hidden Fortune is that you are helping out a set of characters find their lost items… oh and you are a wizard for some reason. The game does ease you in with a tutorial and it is actually quite fun. Here you learn that the main gimmick of the game is firing magic orbs. You learn to do this by blasting gems that are around the training room and it only takes a short while to learn.

One thing that is interesting is that you pretty much control the whole game this way. Even moving around an area! You pick where you want to go, shoot an orb there and you will teleport there. It is strange, but not as off-putting as it sounds. This is even the way that you talk to characters too.

The presentation of Hidden Fortune is quite frankly fantastic. Yes, the game is set in a cave, but this cave is designed very well. I love how shiny and smooth everything looks in the game. Also, it moves along at a pretty brisk pace so the framerate is also pretty impressive. Also, the sound design in the game is great, it really does help make the game a bit more of a relaxing and chill experience.

The majority of the gameplay in Hidden Fortune is that of a hidden object game. You need to look for certain items to complete a certain task. Once you do this you get a chest full of gold and this is what allows you to level up. As well as the hidden objects sections of the game there are also parts where you have to actually hunt for a specific object and some other puzzles too.

The actual gameplay is quite fun, but you soon learn very early on that there are sections that you cannot go to yet. The reason for this is that you are not leveled up enough. The only way that you can level up is by playing the same sections over and over again. This does start to go get tiresome and I would bet that some people will lose interest in the game before they even see it all. I think allowing you to just move from task to task without this leveling up mechanic would have made for a much more enjoyable game.

I did have a fair bit of fun with Hidden Fortune I just wish they did not hide so much of the game behind this weird leveling up system. To be fair though, you can actually play the first chapter of the game for free so there is no excuse to not try it out. There is a second chapter, but you will have to spend a couple of bucks to play it.


The graphics are very nice

Exploring the cave is fun

The movement is weird, but it works

There are different aspects to the gameplay

Ideal if you like hidden object style games


Having to grind to go to areas is annoying

You have to play for chapter 2

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