Oculus Go Game Reviews – Floor Plan VR

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Floor Plan is one of the most fun VR games you will play. It does so many things right and it truly is a wonderful experience and shows what fun an elevator can be….. what??? That is right Floor Plan is a game that is set in an elevator!

The basic idea of the game is that you need to build a space suit that is located on the top floor of this weird building. You need to get various items, but in order to do this, you must venture to many different floors. You never actually leave the elevator! Instead, you view each room from inside it and decide what you want to interact with.

Floor Plan has a great sense of humor and this building is pretty messed up as one floor is all dark and gloomy, but then the next is all whimsical and happy. You never know what the next floor will be like and that is a huge part of the charm. Each of the characters that you encounter or the floors that you will be checking out has something (actually many things) that you need to do.

Figuring this out is what the game is all about. You will need to take something from one floor, give it to a character, who will then give you something in return that can then be given to another character so they can use it who will then give you something else! It sounds very confusing and some of the puzzles do make you think. Yet the game never gets frustrating, it is always fun and trying to figure out what each item does or what it can interact with is very interesting.

Inside the elevator, there is a help button if you get stuck. What I like about this is that while it gives you hints and tips, it does not go overboard and just do the puzzle for you. I really like this as it still keeps a fair challenge going. Speaking of keeping going, Floor Plan is a relatively short game, but man it is so much fun. This is the kind of game that you will want to go back to so that you can try and speed run it or maybe even see if you missed any secrets!

This is a great showcase for your Oculus Go and one of the better puzzle games I have played recently. It has a little bit of everything and I would actually go as far to say that it does remind me of those classic point and click style games that Lucas Arts did back in the day and I mean that as a very big compliment.

Floor Plan is an absolute must play. While it is short, it is big on fun. You will be having a blast the whole time you play this and I can see it being a game you go back and play through many times. It is being sold for a fantastic price and I really do feel that everyone who plays this will more than get their money’s worth. If you love puzzles, fun and want something cool to play, Floor Plan is a must buy!


The different rooms are all wacky in their own way

Weird and funny story

The puzzles are a lot of fun to do

Very interesting characters

One of the best puzzle games for Oculus Go!


It is a little short

We want a Floor Plan 2 already!!!!!

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