Oculus Go Game Reviews – Evil Robot Traffic Jam

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Evil Robot Traffic Jam has such a standout and crazy title that it was a game I knew I had to play. This was even before I knew what the heck kind of game it was! Well, I would say that Evil Robot Traffic Jam is a tower defense style game, but it has more of an emphasis on fun than most other games I have come across in this genre do.

The idea of the game is actually a lot of fun. Basically, you know all those annoying traffic jams you get stuck in at the worst possible time? Well, it turns out that these are not just a coincidence, but the work of evil robots who want nothing more than to drive you crazy, waste your time, make sure you are late for work or even worse… miss that 10:30 AM cut off point for a McDonald’s breakfast.

Evil Robot Traffic Jam plays out like any other tower defense style game you have played before. At the start of each level, you can purchase your weaponry and then decide where you are going to position it on the level. As you progress through the game (and destroy a ton of evil robots) you will be making a lot of money. This money can be used to purchase new towers, upgrades, and abilities that are going to come in real handy as the game does start to get rather tough.

Tower Defense games always make you think and Evil Robot Traffic Jam is no different. You are always second guessing what you are spending your money on! In the early game, you might decide that upgrading your existing towers is the way to go. Or you may just decide to go for it and blow all your money on just one new and expensive tower. It is a very delicate balancing act and there is a bit of trial and error here. You do have limited lives and getting as high a ranking as possible is something you actually want to do.

One of the most fun aspects of Evil Robot Traffic Jam for me was the boss battles. I love the design of the bosses and taking them down is a very rewarding experience. You can build up powerful attacks as you play (like a super meter) and I would very much recommend that you try and save these for the boss battles if you can.

The overall look of the game is really great. I love how it has a very cartoony look and it fits the tone and idea of the game very well. One thing that it also does very well is the use of VR. I love games that make me have to move my head around or throw stuff around my head. Plus, you have these drones that you can use as well and these also do wonders to make you feel like you really are in a VR world.

I had an absolute blast with Evil Robot Traffic Jam and highly recommend that any of you guys who like tower defense games check it out. I am not sure there is enough here to win over non fans of this genre. However, those who are into it like I am are really going to have a lot of fun here.


Makes great use of VR

Fantastic cartoon-style visuals

The game poses quite a challenge

There is a lot of strategies to consider in each level

A fun progression system


It is not going to win over non fans of the genre

Some levels have a lot of trial and error

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