Oculus Go Game Reviews – Esper 2

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I have noticed more and more sequels coming to the Oculus Go and one that I was very excited to see pop up was Esper 2. The first Esper had a great story, featured some awesome puzzles and was a lot of fun. Esper 2 looks to kick things up several notches.

If you ask me to get the best out of Esper 2, you need to have played the first game. It does hint at the things which happened before, but not so much that it would completely alienate new players. You are in a lab and you are being put through your paces as you have telekinesis powers and you need to learn how to use them.

The storyline is really cool and I love how they got the voice actor from the first Esper back for this one. The story is very dry and I love that. It has all these snarky remarks that are made to you and it is very amusing and annoying at the same time. It is honestly done very, very well and one of the highlights of the game for me. It does actually remind me of the dry humor that Portal has in many ways.

The majority of Esper 2 is going to be spent completing puzzles. What is great is that you are not just stuck in the same place as you were in the first game. You get to branch out and explore the research facility. The puzzles, as a result, are much more varied this time around. The puzzles are fun and they are much harder than they were the first time. You have to take weight into consideration, angles, speed and so many other things that some puzzles can be frustrating at first and then when you figure it out you yell out AH HA and are very proud of yourself.

One thing that I think they did really well in Esper 2 is give the presentation a bit of an overhaul. It does not look completely different from the first game. Yet they have managed to get the best out of what the Oculus Go can do and as a result, there are more little details and just more polish around. It may not sound like a big deal, but this does help make the overall game a much more immersive experience.

I loved the original Esper game, I actually loved everything about it and I can hand on heart say that Esper 2 improves on what Esper did in every single way. There is not one thing that first game did better and that is all you can ask for from a sequel. This is one of the most fun experiences I have had with my Oculus Go and it is a must play for any Go owner. I do suggest that you play the original Esper first though. Even though this one is better than the first one is still a solid game and it will make you appreciate the story and humor of Esper 2 even more.


The humor is dark, witty and fantastic

Features great voice actors like Nick Frost

The puzzles are very challenging

Controls are very easy to get the hang of

Plenty of different types of puzzles to figure out


Playing the first game will make you appreciate this more

Nothing I can think of!

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