Oculus Go Game Reviews – Esper 2

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Let me start by stating that Esper 2 is clearly a sequel, but you can jump in and enjoy this without having experienced the first game. For those who love exploration and puzzle style games, Esper 2 for the Oculus Go is a game that you really do have to take a closer look at as it is one of the best in this genre.

The Story

Ok, so the story does follow on from the first game, but as I said do not let that make you think you cannot just jump into this. The game has you playing as an agent of this organization known as Esper. This organization is around to handle all of the people who are popping up with telekinesis abilities and you need to go and check them all out and make sure things are legit and not too crazy.

A huge part of what I love about the story of Esper 2 is the sense of humor that it has. It has a very dry and sarcastic kind of sense of humor and it is one that I really did appreciate. I would say that if you like the tone and humor that Portal had, you will really dig what Esper 2 is doing.

The Gameplay

Esper 2 is really cool in that it has a great variety of the locations you will be going to in order to complete your investigations. Usually, you will have to use telekinesis powers in order to solve some kind of puzzle. These puzzles will range in difficulty, but most of the time they will involve you moving something from point a to b or throwing something. You know the kind of stuff that you would expect in a game that has telekinesis as its main gimmick.

It works well enough with the Oculus Go controllers. It is pretty cool how they work as an extension of your hand and you do kind of feel like you have telekinesis. I like how when you do figure out a puzzle, you think you are the smartest person in the world. As much as I like the game, there are a few occasions where an item you are using can end up dropped and fall behind something and it is super, super hard to pick it back up again. This is really the only issue I have with the controls of the game.

The Presentation

Even though the Oculus Go is not the most powerful VR device in the land, Esper 2 is a pretty decent looking game. It looks far better than the first game does, but it is still lacking in the finer details, but I am actually ok with that. I say that because everything else, the areas, the stuff in each area looks good enough and it is decent enough that you are very immersed in this weird world.

The really amazing thing is the voice acting. I talked about the dry sense of humor before, but it is the voice acting that really delivers it. Nick Frost from Shaun of the Dead fame is in this game and he is awesome. Actually, the whole cast is awesome and does a wonderful job of letting you know when you are screwing up.

Final Thoughts

I have really enjoyed my time with Esper 2 on the Oculus Go. I have now played through it a couple of times and really enjoyed myself. The game plays great and has some rather fiendishly tough puzzles for you to figure out. However, it is really the story and the way that story is delivered that makes Esper 2 such a memorable experience for me.


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