Oculus Go Game Reviews – EQQO

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EQQO is a puzzle/exploration game and one that is actually inspired by legends from Ethiopia. This is a rather unique kind of backstory for a game and that along with the fantastic art style make it a game that is very intriguing. It is one of the games for the Oculus Go that I feel deserves a bit more attention and that is why I am taking a closer look at it today.

The Story

When it comes to the story, it is the kind of thing that you really have to experience for yourself. It is a very lovely and also pretty emotional kind of story and even though I knew nothing about what it was based on, I was still able to get a great deal from it. You have three main characters. There is the mother, the child and then there is the egg. The mother is who narrates the story as you play.

Basically, you as the mother want to make the world safe for the child and the egg. The egg is not what you think it is and at the end of the day, the child’s safety is your number one concern. The child’s safety is a major concern as they cannot see. I am sure that most folks will feel a good connection to the story. However, I will say that if you are a parent, I am betting that EQQO tugs on the heartstrings just a tad more.

The Gameplay

Puzzle and exploration is the mixture of gameplay that EQQO for the Oculus Go has. This is a nice mixture and right from the get-go, I got the impression that this is a game that is made to be a tad more of a laid-back kind of experience. You go from location to location, using the special abilities that the egg has to solve various puzzles. Inside this old temple are traps you need to navigate and old technology you need to awaken.

I never came across any puzzles that really made me struggle, but to be fair I do not think that is the intention of the game at all. EQQO is a rather relaxing experience from a gameplay point of view. I would actually say it is more about the story and that the puzzles are just there to keep you busy going from story point to story point. Playing the game with the Oculus Go controllers was nice and straightforward. They worked great and using it to point and interact with things was never a chore.

The Presentation

I have played many great looking games for the Oculus Go, but few have struck me in the same way that EQQO has. It is a very nicely drawn game and it has a kind of washed-out look to it that fits the story perfectly. I would say games like Ico and Okami are probably the best comparison in terms of the art style and that is some very good company for this game to be in.

The voice acting is just superb. The mother narrates the story and whoever this voice actor is, she does a truly incredible job of making you care about the child and also this egg. The whole game from a presentational point of view is just great and even on a device like the Oculus Go, EQQO looks great

Final Thoughts

It may only take around five hours to get to the end of EQQO, but those five hours are something you will never forget. It is the kind of story that is so well executed that I kind of wish I could have it erased from my mind so I could play it fresh again. No doubt, this will be a game I play through from start to end again at some point. I would actually say that even if this game was double the asking price it would be worth it!


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