Oculus Go Game Reviews – Epic Roller Coasters

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I have played many roller coaster sims on my Oculus Go, but I think Epic Roller Coasters may be the one I have enjoyed the most. This is a fun filled thrill ride and it is a great example of how to make a roller coaster sim fun, exciting and something that you are very excited to show your friends.

Before I start grinning from ear to ear and telling you how much I loved this game I must tell you that only the first roller coaster “Rock Falls” is free. To get the rest you need to purchase them, but I would advise if you love Rock Falls to purchase the whole bundle as that is just the tip of the iceberg for how much fun the different roller coasters in Epic Roller Coasters are.

Rock Falls is like you are in an Indiana Jones movie. You hurl through caverns, mountains and are on a track that looks like it could break any second. The sense of speed that you get is really cool and there are many moments when you look down and you really wish that you did not. One that I had a lot of fun with was T-Rex Kingdom. This is like you have been transported back in time and actually, it reminded me a little of the jungle from Jumanji. Anyway, when you come face to face with the T-Rex, the roller coaster starts hauling butt backwards as he chases you.

Armageddon is probably my favorite of all the coasters. This one is like you are in The Walking Dead or Dawn of the Dead. The world has gone to hell and you are on a roller coaster ride through it. Zombies jump on the coaster and try to have you for lunch! Neon Rider is probably my least favorite this is a futuristic one and I am not sure why, but it lacked the personality of the rest.

Snowland and Halloween are the last two coasters. Snowland is pretty cool and it has this part where you are going really fast down towards the ice and I so far have closed my eyes each and every time, that is how real it feels. Halloween is a trip through a scary haunted house type place and it is pretty neat, although I think they could have upped the jump scares a little bit.

Each of the coasters gives you three different ways to ride it. You can ride it as a single rider, ride with a friend and there is even a race mode that was recently added. The race mode is far cooler than you would think and it is a test to see who can get around the track the fastest. The game even encourages you to take selfies to share with your friends and family on social media.

I had an absolutely amazing time with Epic Roller Coasters. I know some people do not like when a game baits you in as “free” but then you have to pay for most of the content. However, I feel that Epic Roller Coasters is more than worth the price of admission.


The sense of speed is amazing

You get one of the tracks for free

The other tracks are even better than the free one

You can play with friends

It has a race mode which actually works really well


You do have to pay for most of the tracks

It can cause motion sickness

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